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High Quality uPVC Windows in High Wycombe

Abbey Windows is the benchmark for uPVC windows in Henley on Thames. That’s because we combine a commitment to leading quality, experience, and a love of our local area. We’ve been supplying and installing our uPVC windows in Henley on Thames for over 30 years.

As time’s gone by, we’ve only got better at what we can offer you. Today, our windows have the technology, materials and beautiful design to transform your home into one that can save you money every day.

We make sure of this by working with Liniar on our uPVC windows. Liniar’s uPVC profiles are stunningly slim, sleek and sustainable. You won’t find any lead or harmful materials in their design, and your window will be fully recyclable, too. However, that won’t be the only way you help the planet.

Liniar’s frames can insulate your home from cold weather with ease, and their slimline design allows natural light to flood your living space. As a result, you’ll stay warm while using less energy.


uPVC Windows Without Compromise

Our six uPVC window styles are our brilliant Casement Windows, Tilt & Turn Windows, French Windows, Flush Casement Windows, Bow & Bay Windows and Sliding Sash Windows.

Each of these styles is fully customisable, too. As a result, you can style them to suit your living space seamlessly, or to change its look completely. You’ll get a choice of handles and other hardware, and you can select from our full range of spectacular colours and finishes.

At Abbey, our windows are investments that come without compromise. Your design won’t only help your home stay warm, but it can help you and your family stay safe too. Our windows have superb security measures as standard, including multi-point locking systems.

Also, all of our uPVC windows are long-lasting designs for your Henley on Thames home. And, if anything should ever fail on your windows, we’ll cover it as part of our excellent 10-year guarantee.

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uPVC Casement Windows Henley on Thames

Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are becoming increasingly popular in Henley on Thames. They have a straightforward combination that provides outstanding results. You'll get a full section of advanced double glazing, coupled with a slimline uPVC frame from Liniar. Liniar's expert manufacturing process ensures your window is sleek, secure and sustainable. The uPVC profile doesn't fade in wind and rain, security features keep your home safe, and the window is fully recyclable too.

uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows Henley on Thames

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn uPVC windows are a functional design for any home in Henley on Thames. While you can customise how a casement window opens, you can open a tilt and turn design in several ways. The window opens inwardly, improving security in high-rise buildings, and outwardly to create a safe fire escape and to improve ventilation. Also, for total peace of mind, Abbey's designs feature Sac window locks, and the window stays locked to the central bar at all times.

uPVC French Windows Henley on Thames

French Windows

Our uPVC french windows can add a touch of European flair to your home in Henley on Thames. French windows have a floating mullion, and the two halves open in separate directions. As a result, you get a broader space through which fresh air and natural light can fill your living space. French windows have a traditional appeal, too, and Liniar's frames faithfully evoke traditional timber design. We also offer Georgian and Astragal bars, meaning you can capture a period look with ease.

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Henley on Thames

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are timeless designs. With their vertical sliding opening, ventilating your home is effortless. Not only that, but their slimline uPVC frames allow for gorgeous views of the world outside. While sliding sash windows evoke a time gone by, their performance brings your home right up to date. Thanks to Liniar's cutting-edge uPVC, you'll be investing in an energy efficient window. You'll be able to warm up your home while using less energy, saving you money on your bills.

uPVC Flush Casement Windows Henley on Thames

Flush Casement Windows

uPVC flush casement windows replace wooden designs seamlessly. If you have an older timber window in your home, then it could be losing heat from your living space, and beginning to show signs of wear. Not only that, but these frames are expensive to maintain and require plenty of looking after. Our flush casement windows don't need repainting or revarnishing, and they sit flush within the frame for an energy efficient design. These windows also have superb sound insulation to create a quieter home.

uPVC Bow & Bay Windows Henley on Thames

Bow & Bay Windows

uPVC bow and bay windows are the only designs that can provide genuine space inside your home. While many of our windows give the feeling of space, bow and bay window designs create it for themselves. These designs are multi-panelled, angled to extend a wall of your home outward. As a result, you'll get a panoramic window that extends your living space. Each panel uses robust double glazing and weather resistant uPVC too, meaning you can get a front-row seat to nature, without feeling exposed to it.

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uPVC Windows Prices Henley on Thames

You’ll make a massive difference with uPVC windows to your home in Henley on Thames! Choose Abbey Windows today, and you can install them more quickly than you think.

You can get a free online quote for a unique uPVC window today using our online quote builder. You can input every specification you’d like to create the window of your dreams, and we’ll get back to you within seconds with an accurate price for any design.

If you’d like to find out more, or speak to our friendly team, then contact us today.

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