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Solid Roof Conservatories Reading

Our solid conservatory roofs are a popular design that add plenty of strength to your property in Reading.  You will get a design that provides you with lots of natural warmth, trapping cold air outside.

We work with Ultraframe to install our solid roof designs in your home. The Livinroof and Ultraroof designs fall into the solid roof category. These builds are impressively soundproof, keeping noise pollution to a minimum, resulting in a calmer environment. And they support various types of doors, such as bifold doors, to really open up your space. 

If you want to learn more about our solid roofs, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Better Acoustics

A solid conservatory roof will give you improved acoustics that will enhance your property. This will ensure you get a calm and quiet living space tha twill boost the appeal of your home.

Thermally Efficient

Solid conservatory roofs give your home outstanding thermal efficiency. They provide shade and protection in sunny spots, so your views won’t be blocked by the sunlight. 

In the winter, the conservatories will deliver outstanding natural warmth, so you don’t have to worry about rising energy bills. With U Values of 0.12 and 0.15, your home is warm and comfortable for years.

Choose Our Ultraroof

Our Ultraroof is a design based on style and quality. It offers fantastic levels of thermal efficiency while being able to support bifold doors and sliding doors. What’s more, the designs come with full glazing panels, making sure the interior is flooded with natural light. 

Precision engineered and matched to your exact specifications, the Ultraroof ensures that you won’t worry about any cutting, trimming, or battering. As a result, this provides less mess and disruption. 

And, what’s more, the solid roof will bolster your home’s security because it protects you from tough conditions and leaks. 


Our Livinroof is a hybrid conservatory roof that lets the light fall in. This design offers a vaulted ceiling that creates a room like ambience. What’s more, this roof can be fully customised with modern furnishings and coloured fascias. 

Whatever the size and shape of your existing conservatory, the Livinroof can accommodate any existing design. As a result, this gives you plenty of comfort and protection, giving you the ideal upgrade. It is suitable for all styles, so whether you have a Gable End conservatory or an Edwardian build, there is something that’s right for you.

Bespoke Designs

We offer a choice of three colours to enhance your property. Other designs include an internal pelmet and a cornice, which hides unsightly guttering.

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Conservatory Installation

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Ultraframe Solid Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory Roof Replacement, Reading

Conservatory Roof Replacement, Reading

You can improve the style and performance of your extra living space when you choose a replacement roof to completely transform its appeal. That’s exactly what our recent customer in Reading opted for when they got in touch with us. There are so many ways to use a conservatory, so you want to make sure you have all the options available to you without any limitations. If you’ve designed your dream extra lounge, social hub or relaxing retreat, the last thing you want to find it a draughty, leaky room that is as poorly performing as it is unwelcoming for friends, loved ones and yourself. That’s why our valued customer came to
Abbey Windows to help their home achieve its full potential as they wanted for it all along. With our experience, it was a simple and cost-effective task to replace the existing roof and enhance its style and appeal. conservatory ultraroof reading As part of our commitment to bringing the finest products to our customers, we work with market-leading names in the industry to bring their superior installations to you. We’re proud to work with Ultraframe to install their stunning replacement conservatory roofs in Reading, Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. For this customer, they needed a high-performance replacement conservatory roof that would stand the test of time far better than their previous product would, while also improving its aesthetic appeal. That’s why the Ultraframe Ultra380 roof was the perfect choice. It’s easy to install and delivers exceptional performance all year round. Abbey’s expert team fitted this new roof in just three days. It couldn’t be simpler to get your home looking and feeling exactly the way you want, thanks to our superior products, expertly fitted. ultraframe conservatory roof reading With the initial installation completed in such an impressively short space of time, there was plenty of time left for the follow-up teams to enter the scene and set to work. The previous conservatory roof was letting in draughts and leaking water, creating an unpleasant place to be. The new Ultra380 roof sorted this problem – and offered so much more besides. In this case, our customer was able to customise their new conservatory roof system to create the appealing and inviting room they always wanted. One of the most popular uses for a conservatory is as a thriving social space for friends and family all year round. As such, at the installation here, we installed striking spotlights to set the mood and create a welcoming ambience. There were fitted into the internal pelmet and added an eye-catching finishing touch. replacement roof ultraroof reading Once the new Ultra380 roof was installed, the homeowner noticed a vast difference right away, with improvements across the board. Where their space was previously dark and cold and winter and far too hot in summer, now it is inviting all year round. This impressive result was achieved with the addition of cleverly integrated glass panels that filled the space with an influx of natural light. This makes it look much brighter and therefore feel bigger as a result, giving their conservatory a new lease of life in every sense. With glazing such an integral part of a conservatory, it’s vital to get the right glass panels and for them to be expertly installed in order to guarantee the exceptional results you deserve. Thanks to outstanding U-values, our renewed conservatory is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so every customer can make the most of their investment and this true home improvement. refurbished conservatory roof reading When we completed work on this stunning and high-performance replacement conservatory roof, it was signed off by the local authority building control department and was overseen by this body throughout the process. This reassured the customer that not only was this a high-quality installation, but it was also going to add considerable value to their home. If you want to make the most of your home’s potential and exceed expectations, why not get in touch with Abbey Windows? Are you feeling inspired by this conservatory roof replacement and renovation? We can complete the same or similar project for you to our exceptionally high standards. It couldn’t be simpler to find out about our replacement roofs, just as this customer did. You can receive a competitive online quote instantly by entering your specifications. What’s more, if you want to talk about your options, you can call our team on 0118 956 6866 or complete our online contact form.
Conservatory with Tiled Roof Installation, Reading

Conservatory with Tiled Roof Installation, Reading

An important aspect of making a house a home is to feel comfortable inside it. This is where the team at Abbey are perfect for helping you create the ideal environment for you to enjoy with our conservatory with tiled roof extension. With our expert knowledge and extensive range of products, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your home. Read below to hear about a recent transformation that will prove just how incredible our products are.
The customers that requested a transformation wanted to create another room that can be used all year round, without worrying about it being too hot or too cold. With this in mind, they came to Abbey for help. Browsing through our range of stunning products, they found the perfect Edwardian conservatory with tiled roof. They coupled this with an Ultraframe Tiled Roof and Velux windows to match, creating their dream extension.
With their products chosen, they wanted an installation that was quick, easy and hassle-free, and we were more than happy to oblige. We offer fast lead-time on all our products, ensuring your conservatory is delivered and installed on time and on budget.

edwardian conservatory base reading

Edwardian Conservatories

We offer exceptionally high-quality
Edwardian conservatories that are designed to fit into modern and traditional looking homes. Made from the best materials, your new Edwardian conservatory is sure to protect you from the outside elements, providing you with safety and security inside your home. Edwardian conservatories boast a minimalist design that provides symmetry and plenty of space inside your home. There is a range of colours for you to choose from that will provide you with the perfect Edwardian conservatory to match the aesthetics of your home.
ultraframe tiled roof conservatory reading

Ultraframe Tiled Roof Conservatory

We want to make sure you are getting products you can trust and rely on, which is why we work with market leading supplier Ultraframe. They offer a conservatory with tiled roof that is designed to ensure you are getting the best protection from the outside elements. This roofing option is made with lightweight panels that can be cut to size to ensure you are getting the perfect fit for your chosen conservatory. Our Ultraframe conservatory with tiled roof has been fire tested to ensure you are getting the best protection, giving you added peace of mind.
velux windows reading

Velux Windows

With a range to choose from, Velux windows offer a new kind of versatility that is sure to match any type of home. Available in a range of colours, you can be sure to find the perfect one to match the interior and exterior of your property. Each of the Velux windows used in our home transformation offers unbeatable protection, coupled with enhanced views. Our customers wanted to increase their ventilation, whilst maintaining a noise-free home, which is why Velux extension windows were the perfect solution.

Find Out More

To find out more about this installation or any of the products we offer, including our extensive range of impressive windows, doors and aluminium products, give us a call on 0118 958 2839. We will be happy to provide you with key information and a quick quote. Alternatively, use our online contact form or our online quoting engine to get a quote in minutes.
Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation, Reading

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation, Reading

A couple in Reading has recently been battling with an old conservatory roof that has rendered their conservatory unusable. They looked to Abbey Windows to replace the roof, choosing from an extensive range that was perfect for their home. Their choice of conservatory roof meant they were able to use their conservatory all year round. Their home in Reading has been transformed with the unique properties found in the
tiled conservatory roof they opted for. Making sure their tiled conservatory roof blends in with the architecture of their home, whilst reducing their energy bills are just some of the benefits they have received upon installation. With quick and easy installation, they were able to get back to their day.

Limited-Use Conservatory

An old polycarbonate conservatory roof meant this couple’s Reading home conservatory was left unused for the majority of the year, due to it either being too hot or too cold. With the window of opportunity for using the room slowly decreasing they decided to replace their existing roof with a tiled conservatory roof. A solution guaranteed to keep their home warm.

Conservatory Roof Replacement

Our dedicated team of experts were on hand to make sure this couple got the conservatory roof they had always dreamed of. With their dream in mind, our team were able to talk through the entire range we offer. The quote we provided was unbeatable compared to our industry competitors. It was extremely important to the couple that they would be able to use the room through the seasons, without having to worry about changing temperatures. By replacing their old roof with a tiled conservatory roof, they were able to retain their existing conservatory, replacing the roof with hassle-free installation. Our team of installers made sure it blended into the original architecture of their home, giving a seamless finish.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation – Thermal Efficiency

They opted for a tiled conservatory roof that expertly combines aesthetics with practicality to produce a high-performance product. This option offers a thicker alternative to their old polycarbonate roof, giving them a more comfortable home despite the weather. Providing an extra layer of insulation on to their home also means they are able to benefit from reduced energy bills. The gorgeous tiles are manufactured using strong materials and the latest technological advances to ensure they are able to withstand any weather condition. The high pitched style this roof offers means you will benefit from an increase in the amount of space inside your home. A common misconception is that some conservatory roofs result in darker rooms. The couple chose to include a gable-end, increasing the amount of natural light that enters their conservatory.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement – The Verdict

The couple decided to work with Abbey to create a space they can use all year round, based on our extensive knowledge and their vision. We were able to design and build a room that they now use all year round, making this home improvement project a huge success!

Prices of Your Chosen Conservatory Roof

We understand how daunting it can be to find a conservatory roof that is ideal for your home, which is why we are on hand to answer any questions and guide you through the range of offer. To find out more about our range of conservatory roofs, give us a call today on 0118 956 6866 and we will be happy to help. We will be able to provide you with high-quality, tailored advice. Alternatively, you can send us an email online or to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team will be on hand to make sure you are happy with your decision before, during and after, keeping you informed of the entire process.

When you are ready to build a new solid conservatory roof in Reading, get in touch. with the team at Abbey today. We offer almost 40 years of experience to give you a design that is right for you. 

With fantastic lead times and an unbeatable service, we will get to your property quickly. Our team will treat your home with courtesy and respect, giving you an installation that is built to last. 

To learn more about our state of the art roofs, fill out our online form and we will get back to you straight away. 

We also offer an online quoting engine where you can build your ideal design from scratch. Build your roof from scratch and we will return with a bespoke price in minutes.

You can also look at our  finance options to learn more.

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strong solid conservatory roofs

Strongest Design on the Market

Our solid conservatory roofs are one of the strongest designs on the market, able to withstand the worst weather conditions and robust knocks. As a result, you will benefit form a calmer and peaceful environment in the long term.

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solid roof conservatory reading

Choose it as a Garden Roof

Solid conservatory roofs are also ideal as a garden room in Reading. This is because they let in plenty of light, ensuring you can admire the views significantly. 

These windows can be used for many designs such as a playroom or a games room. Because we work with Ultraframe, their solid conservatory roofs are available in three different colours alongside internal pelmets. You can even choose a cornice to hide unsightly guttering, making your home even more beautiful.

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Safest Roofs on the Market

One of the safest roofs on the market, our solid conservatory roofs are durable and hard wearing. This will help protect you from toughened weather conditions such as wind and rain. The safety of our roof prevents winds from up to 300 mph while being soundproof as well.

If you want to turn your conservatory into a home office, our solid conservatory roofs give you plenty of protection, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment. 

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We are pleased to be able to offer you a range of flexible finance options to suit your budget.

Choose our ‘5 Years Interest Free on our Harmony Range’ or consider for our ‘Buy Today with Nothing to pay for a whole Year’ option. We have something that suits every budget.

Take a look at which option best suits your budget, and we will get back to you straight away.

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