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Aluminium Roof Lanterns Reading

We offer a range of exquisite glass roofs for your home in Reading. Customisable and filled with natural light, they will improve your home’s market value straight away. 

At Abbey, we work with market leader Ultraframe, to supply and install their fantastic glass roofs. With advantages such as a trickle vent and double or triple glazing, they give you natural light and thermal efficiency. 

Take advantage of almost 40 years of experience when you choose our glass roofs. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, treating every customer with courtesy and respect. Get in touch with us today to learn more.



Thermal Efficiency

Our designs offer fantastic levels of thermal efficiency. With some of the lowest U Values on the market, you will get a design that keeps you warm all year round, while cold air is left outside. 

The glass roof has been weather tested to battle the toughest conditions, alongside the sturdiest and durable gaskets. As a result, your home will stay warm and dry for years to come. The design is soundproof as well, giving you a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Glass Roofs are Customisable

We offer a wide range of customisable glass roof that will boost the look of your home. Create a thermally efficient space that includes double and triple glazing. This has many benefits such as letting in more light and thermal efficiency. 

With an option of four different cornices, you will be able to get a design that gets rid of unsightly guttering. Choose from a range of bespoke colours that reflect your unique personality.

Improves Your Home's Market Value

Choosing a glass roof will improve the market value of your home. This is vital if you want to sell it in the long term.  It gives you a space which protects you from the elements, ensuring a dry and warmer space. 

A glass roof will enhance your conservatory connection to your garden. It gives you stunning views of the sky, working in tandem with a bifold door and a patio door. For a growing family, this is ideal because it gives them the ability to sit outside, while the panoramic views of the conservatory let them keep an eye on their children and pets.

Glass Roofs Include Trickle Vents

Trickle vents are included as standard with every glass roof because you will get a continuous flow of air. This will also prevent moisture from accumulating, which reduces mould and draught spots. This is ideal in warm summer areas where the room can overheat. 

These vents work by being built into the ridge of the glass roof. They can be opened or closed manually depending on your needs. The air will flow naturally outside instead of landing on a warm surface that turns into condensation.


As mentioned before, our glass roofs offer unbeatable security. They protect yuou against robust knocks that ward off intruders and violent winds. This will keep you safe and protected in the long term. 

What’s more, the designs are thermally efficient. Natural heat will be retained and cold air will be left outside. Your design will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, keeping you warm all year round. And, what’s more, you won’t have to use your central heating as much, saving on extortionate energy bills.


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Glass Roof Conservatory Installation

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Ultraframe Replacement Roofs

Conservatory Installation Caversham, Reading

Conservatory Installation Caversham, Reading

Conservatory installation carried out by the Abbey Windows double glazing installation team.

Blending old and new is often a challenge and one we relished with this Caversham Home. As well as designing a large conservatory which embellished character to blend with the period style home, we even produced leaded window designs to replicate the original leaded light windows. Our customer wanted a conservatory where they could enhance their living space easily. This means that they would get more natural light and save on their energy bills. It would also ensure that they stayed warm during the winter months. 

A Thermally Efficient Build 

Our conservatory builds are thermally efficient, bringing in plenty of natural light in your property. As a result, this made their property brighter and created the illusion of a larger space over time. This is ideal in the cold winter months.  What’s more, the customer wanted to upgrade to triple glazing, resulting in a robust thermal barrier to keep heat in their home. What’s more, this saved money on their energy bills over time. 

Interior Ambience 

This customer chose a conservatory because they wanted an interior ambience in their home. Our conservatories at Abbey are a great place to unwind and relax.  They wanted a quiet space, so our conservatories are inherently soundproof. They reduce loud noises to a whisper, resulting in a quieter.

Brings the House and Garden Together

Conservatories are a great space because they connect the house and garden. This gave them the perfect space to enjoy nature and outstanding panoramic views. This customer added a stunning bifold door to their conservatory, increasing natural light and supporting large glazing panels.  The customer wanted elegance and grace to their door, so they chose a bifold door that folds out like a concertina. This helped bring fresh air, saving money on their air conditioning bills.

Conservatories Come in Bespoke Colours

At Abbey, we offer a bespoke service to our customers, letting them create their unique style. With a massive selection of RAL colours to choose from, this customer decided to go for a popular Anthracite Grey option.  Anthracite Grey gave the customers’ conservatory a slick and modern feel to their property This accent piece added a welcome dose of colour to the customers’ conservatory, contrasting with the white walls. 

A Conservatory Space  For You

If you’d like to choose a conservatory design like this customer, reach out to Abbey Windows today. With nearly 40 years of experience, we are on hand to help you with your needs. Give us a call at
01189 566866 or fill out our online contact form to learn more. We look forward to helping you create your dream conservatory. 
Conservatory Renovation, Reading

Conservatory Renovation, Reading

Conservatory Renovation, Reading

The expert team at Abbey Windows recently visited a homeowner looking for a new expanded living space in which to welcome friends and entertain throughout the year. While they initially considered an orangery, our friend design team helped them to consider a conservatory as a worthy alternative, and they choose to go ahead with this option.

A more affordable solution for those looking to expand with traditional house extensions, conservatories are one of the most versatile and cost-effective living spaces you can choose for your property. For this homeowner, who liked to entertain inside and also in their garden, a conservatory was the right choice, seamlessly connecting their interior and exterior spaces.

conservatory cost reading

For this conservatory installation, our valued homeowners opted for a Livinroof internal pelmet for their conservatory roof, courtesy of renowned market leaders Ultraframe. This can be painted to match the existing style of the room. It was also perfect for this homeowner at is it easy to install with speakers, so they could entertain guests in their versatile living space.

To complete the look and improve functionality even further, we installed matching fascias and guttering on the lower roof in the same modern shade – anthracite grey – to blend with the rest of the design for a sleek and seamless look.

Our conservatory designs are already exceptionally weatherproof, and these advanced roofline products help to improve this even further. They work to conceal the conservatory against the elements and allow you to enjoy your expanded living area all year round.

fascias soffits guttering roofline prices

Bifold Doors

To complete the look, these homeowners chose industry leaders Origin’s bifold doors, again in anthracite grey, for a cohesive aesthetic. These allow for a quick and easy transition between living spaces. Residents can stroll in and out with ease, and guests are free to move between the home and garden at social gatherings.

Our aluminium bifold doors don’t compromise on style over efficiency. They are a stunning and secure home improvement, further improving the thermal efficiency and safety of the installation, so homeowners who choose them are free to enjoy their renovated home with total peace of mind.

bifold door prices reading

The homeowners whose property we transformed had previously heard about Abbey Windows and the excellent renovations we had done previously, and so they got in touch with us to make their dream home a reality. As a trusted local company with a commitment to providing the very best home improvements on the market, we were the ideal choice for them.

If you, too, are looking to improve your home with the help of a friendly expert team, look no further than Abbey Windows! Start planning your latest home improvement today with the use of our intuitive online quote engine. Simply enter your bespoke specifications and you’ll receive a personalised cost instantly.

Alternatively, you can send us a message or call our team on 01189 566 866. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about your planned home improvement project.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Project Woodley

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Project Woodley

Tiled Conservatory Roof Project:  Protection Without Seclusion

Are You Still in the Dark When It Comes to Tiled Conservatory Roofs?

It’s a commonly-held misconception that tiled conservatory roofs result in dark interiors. If you’re refurbishing your conservatory, orangery or extension in Woodley, you’ll be able to benefit from a space that’s light, bright and plugged into the outside world. The photos included in this case study prove our point. Tiled conservatory roofs, as you can see, will work in perfect harmony with some well-positioned windows – resulting in an interior that’ll feel anything but enclosed and create a greater sense of space. Although the transfer of light is also permitted through the entrance door and its accompanying window, the structure also relies heavily on the triangular gable window at the front and the apertures built into the roof itself to keep the interior space well lit. If you’ve been looking for tiled conservatory roofs in Woodley, Abbey Windows can help. Contact us for more information by calling 018 956 6866 or sending us a
message. Rest assured that our work will fully comply with building regulations.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Create Space Inside, Too

So far, we’ve focused on how tiled conservatory roofs can be externally managed to optimise the amount of light allowed into a given space. Although carefully placed windows will create a sense of room within the designated structure – be it a conservatory, orangery or extension – the introduction of other architectural features is essential to complete this impression fully. How can this be achieved? If you refer to the pictures interspersed throughout this case study, you’ll notice the shape of the roof.  Its pitched style works to complement the function the light-giving function of the doors and windows create, resulting in an internal area that feels roomy instead of crowded. This effect is further accentuated by the white painted walls inside. As you can see, tiled conservatory roofs transform smaller spaces; especially when installed at an optimal elevation and supported by the most appropriate windows and doors. Your conservatory in Woodley will function as an all-year-round space suitable for relaxing in – or entertaining friends long into the evening. Contact us for more information or a conservatory quote. Tilled Conservatory Roofs Prices Woodley

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Will Add Value To Your Home

If your conservatory is looking jaded, it will devalue the market value of your home in Woodley. Prospective buyers will be put off by a dwelling that looks poorly-maintained and will take in to account the cost of refurbishing your conservatory – including the cost of any tiled conservatory roofs that catch their eye. The conservatory featured in this case study is fit-for-purpose. From the ground upwards, every square inch of it looks professionally constructed. It will be immediately clear to anyone who looks that this structure will provide a bright and fully functional space that can be used for a variety of purposes throughout the year.

A Quieter, Warmer and More Comfortable Space

The conservatory belonging to our customer in Woodley will benefit from more than just a lighter internal space. Tiled conservatory roofs intrinsically own a set of other valuable benefits designed to make a conservatory – or any other type of extension – a comfortable place to spend time, while also functioning as a cost-efficient investment. Tiled conservatory roofs provide better levels of insulation than those supplied by a standard polycarbonate design. This means the structure featured in this case study will benefit from improved levels of heat retention, which will be accentuated by the supporting doors and windows. This will have saved our customer in Woodley money. Acoustically speaking, tiled conservatory roofs should be your first choice if you’re planning on using your conservatory as a place to relax in. A polycarbonate or glass roof won’t block out the sound of rainwater from above, whereas a tiled one will. Turn your structure into a tranquil space by talking to Abbey Windows about their tiled conservatory roofs. By choosing tiled conservatory roofs over other designs, you’ll also be making a positive impact on the environment. Your structure will be able to capture and retain natural warmth organically, which means you won’t have to rely on your heating system to stay warm. Lower your costs and carbon footprint with this incredibly efficient style of roof. Tiled Conservatory Roofs Quote Woodley

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Prices, Woodley

Contact Abbey Windows today for tiled conservatory roofs prices in Woodley and the surrounding areas. You can call our experienced team directly on 0118 956 6866 or send them a message requesting a callback.

If you’ve already decided that tiled conservatory roofs are the best way forward, and simply want a price, you can use our online quoting tool to generate instant guideline costs. We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Glass Roof Prices Reading

We offer a wide range of customisable glass roofs for your home. When you are ready to design one, why not fill out our online quoting engine with us today? Build your product from scratch and we will return with a bespoke quote. 

Alternatively, you can get in touch.  With us if you have any questions. Fill out our online contact form with any message. Our team has almost 40 years of experience installing glass roofs, so we will answer any question we can.




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Stylish Roofs

Choosing a glass roof adds a focal point to your conservatory. It turns heads, causing an instant impression. What’s more, it will keep your home warm and comfortable all year round.

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glass roof for your home

Beautiful Glass Roof Designs

The glass roof will give you a stunning visual impact that will enhance your property. It alerts potential buyers because of its ability to support bifold doors and patio doors. As a result, you will get plenty of natural light on your property and outstanding thermal efficiency alongside stunning panoramic views.

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Stunning Aesthetics

A glass roof offers outstanding aesthetics for your home. Flooding your home with natural light will result in a brighter space for anyone who enters it.

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Finance Options Now Available

We are pleased to be able to offer you a range of flexible finance options to suit your budget.

Take a look at our ‘5 Years Interest Free on our Harmony Range’ or go for our ‘Buy Today with Nothing to pay for a whole year’ option. We have a wide selection of finance options, so get in touch with us today to find out more about our finance options.

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