Gable End Conservatories Reading

 If your dream conservatory has high roofs and a lot of detailing then our gable end conservatories offer the perfect choice. This style of conservatory is also known as a Pavilion conservatory and other people think of gable-end conservatories as a modern-day summer house. 

Thanks to the solar central glass roof, this style will keep your home warm and cosy throughout the year, no matter how cold it is outside. As a result, you will save a significant amount on your energy bills.

We have fitted gable end conservatories for nearly 40 years. To learn more, contact us today.

gable end conservatory

Advantages of Gable End Conservatories

Traditional Design

The joy of our gable end conservatories is that can seamlessly blend with any design and age of property found in Reading today. This style of conservatory will retain your home’s original character. It has an adaptable and versatile design, blending in with a traditional and modern home. 

They give off a sense of warmth and charm to any house where they are installed. This will increase its market value significantly. making it perfect if you want to sell your property 

Detailed Design

The high roof lines of our gable end conservatories ensure that you will get plenty of detail and elegance in your home. 

Many of our Reading customers choose to install a ‘Rising Sun’ detail on the roof of their Gable-End conservatory, allowing you to add a personal touch, that makes this conservatory a true reflection of your own style.

If you would like to customise your conservatory further, choose from a range of RAL colours. We give you plenty of choices to create a truly seamless blend between your home and conservatory. 

These Gable-End conservatories are a stunning addition to your home, full of charming and beautiful details and flourishes. Contact our team to find out more.

gable end roof prices reading

Windows and Door Colours

Choose from a bespoke range of gable end conservatory colours for your home. This will help your conservatory stand out from the crowd.

benefits of a gable end conservatory

An Abundance Of Natural Light

Flood your Reading home with the maximum amount of natural light by installing one of our gable end conservatories. The size and design of the angular roof don’t just fill your home with sunlight, it actually makes your home feel larger, as it gives the impression of additional space. 

Like the rest of our collection, Abbey Windows’ gable end conservatories are incredibly well-priced. They offer value for money and high quality in equal measure.

gable conservatory reading

Extra Space

A gable end conservatory is the perfect way of giving your home style and space. It helps you make the most of your surroundings, creating a light filled room to enjoy all year round. 

The gable front is a key feature, as it gives you more space to work with. This is thanks to the lashings of natural light the conservatory gves off. . 

gable end conservatory designs

Gable End Conservatory Designs

Our gable end conservatories offer a unique design. It gets its name from the front of the roof, which doesn’t slope to the centre. As a result, this gives you plenty of natural light in your home. 

These conservatories come with Yale multi-locking systems, so when you install one of these in your home, you will feel safer and secure. 

Get a design that will enhance your home in Reading. 

More Conservatory Options

Conservatory Roofs

We give you an abundance of conservatory roofs.  Choose from tiled, solid, or glass roofs.

Refurbishments & Replacements

With years of unbeatable service and quick lead times, our conservatories come with a 10 year warranty. If anything goes wrong, you can count on us to fix it.

bi-fold doors price Whitley

House Extensions

Cost effective and spacious, our house extensions offer plenty of natural light. This saves money on your energy bills.

Conservatories Wokingham

Victorian Conservatories

These conservatories are a great way to add grandeur and extravagance to a building. What’s more, you will get lots of natural light.

Abbey Conservatories

To find out more about our conservatories, head to Abbey Conservatories to look at our dedicated conservatory site.

Conservatory Roof Systems from

Glass Roof Glass Roofinternal

Glass Roof

Livinroof Livinroofinternal


Ultraroof Ultraroofinternal


Ultrasky Roof Ultrasky Roofinternal

Ultrasky Roof

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L Shaped Conservatory with Bi Fold Doors and Integral Blinds, Reading Sound

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Solid Conservatory Roof | Customer Testimonial | Abbey Windows

Integral Blinds in Reading

Integral Blinds in Reading

Integral Blinds Installation in Woodley, Reading

A stunning integral blinds installation in Woodley by the expert team at Abbey Windows. Beautiful venetian style blinds installed for bi-fold doors and French doors in Reading. After a beautiful
French Doors and Bi-Fold Doors installation, our loyal Reading customers were looking to create more privacy within their Woodley home.

Additional  Privacy

Like with most contemporary properties in populated areas, our customers we concerned with being overlooked. We had previously installed beautiful Liniar French Doors with a Juliet balcony for their main bedroom, and agreed an integral blinds installation would be perfect to ensure more privacy with as little maintenance possible. Morley Integral blinds in Reading are an excellent choice, as our customer’s home is now more private, yet still welcomes the presence of natural sunlight into their living areas.

Prevents Bleaching

Window blinds also help prevent the unsightly bleached effect from ultra violet rays hitting furniture and carpets. The upstairs of our customer’s Woodley property was a north west elevation, resulting in the upper level becoming excessively hot in the afternoons and early evenings. Our integral blinds installation has perfectly solved this problem for our Reading customers, while still letting a sufficient amount of sunlight to enhance their home beautifully. intergrated blinds reading woodley

Superb Functionality

While the between glass blinds are concealed, they can be controlled from the outside, allowing our customers to tilt the blinds according to the position of the sun and adjusting how private they wished the room to be. With the blinds being integral, this means practically no cleaning is required! Because of this they are incredibly durable, and will last our Reading customers for many years into the future.

Customer Thoughts

Our customers were incredibly happy with the results, leaving us the following postitive review: 'We are thrilled with the finished Morley blinds product. We truly didn't expect the results we have received - despite tilting the blinds to their closed position this really doesn’t effect a sufficient amount of sunlight entering our Reading home. A truly genius idea that we thank Abbey Windows for! When we compared other options available to us this was by far the most simplest and cost-effective solution. We didn't understand quite how easy the process would be in removing old units and replacing with integral blinds in glass units. Once we understood how simple this would be, we have now ordered integral blinds for our Liniar French Doors you installed downstairs in our Breakfast room, and also for our Bi-Fold Doors in our study. It is a little embarrassing that we didn't take your advice at the time, but with your competitive prices and swift service were very pleased to have now made our decision. We’re thrilled!' integral blinds in reading

Integral Blinds Installation Prices in Reading

Choose Abbey Windows for your Integral Blinds installation in Reading today, to achieve the same exceptional results as our happy Woodley customers! Give us a call today on 0118 956 6866 to speak to our helpful advisors – they’ve always happy to discuss your design ideas and specifications. If you’d prefer to get in touch online, don’t hesitate to fill in our online contact form. You’ll be provided with a quick reply that will get you on your way to beautiful integral blinds in no time at all!
Grey Conservatory with Bi-Fold Doors Installation, Reading

Grey Conservatory with Bi-Fold Doors Installation, Reading

Before the start of their daughter’s wedding, one couple wanted to increase the space in their home, using a modern
conservatory. They wanted to make sure there was a seamless blend into the outside area, creating a practical and open space. Abbey Windows were proud to encourage their end-goal. With the theme ‘modern and contemporary’ in mind, they were able to find the conservatory of their dreams that would increase their space and light with the use of high-performance windows.

Increasing the Space

This couple had the idea of including a modern, creative space in their home, in order to brighten their house and enhance their space provided. Wanting a space that matched the theme of their home, Abbey were able to create a colour theme that complemented the existing architecture. Working around the theme of ‘modern and contemporary’, Abbey Windows were able to assist them in designing the perfect conservatory that can be installed quickly and easily, with minimal mess.

Our Solution

With their creative idea and vision in mind, we came up with a solution that was the perfect fit for their Reading home. The solution incorporated all the features and benefits they expected. We worked with the couple to design a grey conservatory that enhances their living space. With large, double-glazed windows, the conservatory attracted large amounts of natural light. Their dream grey conservatory expertly combined clean aesthetics with practicality to offer them a versatile space fit for any purpose. They wanted a space that can create a seamless transition from their home to their surrounding area, which is why they decided to install our aluminium bi-fold doors. The bi-fold doors utilise a smooth concertina opening, making sure they can make full use of the space available.

Grey Lean-To Conservatories

Lean-to conservatories are becoming a popular choice amongst homeowners in Reading, due to the weather-proof properties found in the high-performance frames. Each frame is designed to make sure your home is protected against harsh weather conditions. This is one of the most cost-effective home improvement solutions. This is because the slim sightlines and large double glazed glass panels mean more natural heat is trapped inside, making your home warm and comfortable all year round. The high-performance frames are manufactured to your exact design specifications, which means they are guaranteed to fit inside the space provided. This gives your home the best chance of staying warm, whilst you are protected from the harsh conditions outside. Manufactured by a market-leading company, your lean-to conservatory can be made in any colour to match or contrast the aesthetics of your home. Each one is designed to make your home feel newly renovated, brighter and more welcoming.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors offer exceptional benefits, guaranteed to suit any home on the market. Their smooth functionality ensures they are easy to use and discreet, making them perfect for any type of home. Whilst the couple’s children may have grown up, potential grandchildren can be kept safe and sound with the high-performance safety features. These doors are designed to keep your family safe. Fitted with the latest safety features, our range of high-quality bi-fold doors are designed to keep you safe from potential break-ins. This means you can go about your daily life, worry-free. Utilising a concertina opening functionality, the bi-fold doors on offer can provide you with unobstructed views of your surroundings. Seamlessly blending your home and your garden.

Grey Conservatory with Bi-Fold Doors – The Final Result

We worked side-by-side with the couple to provide them with a space they can be proud of. With their brief being ‘modern and contemporary’, we designed a grey conservatory in varying shades to complement their home. The cool colour theme created a modern environment for them. Combining our knowledge with their dream, we included bi-fold doors that are perfect for ensuring their home is fully ventilated. We utilised integral blinds to make this home improvement build as low maintenance as possible. They are extremely happy with their grey conservatory and bi-fold doors, aimed at creating a contemporary environment to entertain guests in. This conservatory boasts all the benefits of modern living, making it a huge success!

Find Out More!

To hear more about the range of high-quality products, including lean-to conservatories and bi-fold doors, get in touch today. Call us on 0118 956 6866 and talk to our experts today. We will be happy to guide you through the range of products on offer, giving you key information. Our team are able to offer bespoke advice, tailored to your situation. Or, send us an email using the online contact form found on our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible, answering your questions in detail. Alternatively, use our cleverly designed online quote generator. Made to give you a true estimate on your home improvement project, the quoting engine is a system you can rely on.
Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation, Reading

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation, Reading

A couple in Reading has recently been battling with an old conservatory roof that has rendered their conservatory unusable. They looked to Abbey Windows to replace the roof, choosing from an extensive range that was perfect for their home. Their choice of conservatory roof meant they were able to use their conservatory all year round. Their home in Reading has been transformed with the unique properties found in the
tiled conservatory roof they opted for. Making sure their tiled conservatory roof blends in with the architecture of their home, whilst reducing their energy bills are just some of the benefits they have received upon installation. With quick and easy installation, they were able to get back to their day.

Limited-Use Conservatory

An old polycarbonate conservatory roof meant this couple’s Reading home conservatory was left unused for the majority of the year, due to it either being too hot or too cold. With the window of opportunity for using the room slowly decreasing they decided to replace their existing roof with a tiled conservatory roof. A solution guaranteed to keep their home warm.

Conservatory Roof Replacement

Our dedicated team of experts were on hand to make sure this couple got the conservatory roof they had always dreamed of. With their dream in mind, our team were able to talk through the entire range we offer. The quote we provided was unbeatable compared to our industry competitors. It was extremely important to the couple that they would be able to use the room through the seasons, without having to worry about changing temperatures. By replacing their old roof with a tiled conservatory roof, they were able to retain their existing conservatory, replacing the roof with hassle-free installation. Our team of installers made sure it blended into the original architecture of their home, giving a seamless finish.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation – Thermal Efficiency

They opted for a tiled conservatory roof that expertly combines aesthetics with practicality to produce a high-performance product. This option offers a thicker alternative to their old polycarbonate roof, giving them a more comfortable home despite the weather. Providing an extra layer of insulation on to their home also means they are able to benefit from reduced energy bills. The gorgeous tiles are manufactured using strong materials and the latest technological advances to ensure they are able to withstand any weather condition. The high pitched style this roof offers means you will benefit from an increase in the amount of space inside your home. A common misconception is that some conservatory roofs result in darker rooms. The couple chose to include a gable-end, increasing the amount of natural light that enters their conservatory.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement – The Verdict

The couple decided to work with Abbey to create a space they can use all year round, based on our extensive knowledge and their vision. We were able to design and build a room that they now use all year round, making this home improvement project a huge success!

Prices of Your Chosen Conservatory Roof

We understand how daunting it can be to find a conservatory roof that is ideal for your home, which is why we are on hand to answer any questions and guide you through the range of offer. To find out more about our range of conservatory roofs, give us a call today on 0118 956 6866 and we will be happy to help. We will be able to provide you with high-quality, tailored advice. Alternatively, you can send us an email online or to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team will be on hand to make sure you are happy with your decision before, during and after, keeping you informed of the entire process.
Conservatory Reading

Conservatory Reading

Stunning conservatory installation in Reading by Abbey Conservatories! We were approached by our Reading customers who had an old aluminium conservatory with a polycarbonate roof. The old conservatory was cold in the winter, hot in the summer and noisy when it rained. Our customers were looking for an affordable alternative that would keep its temperature in colder months but wouldn't become hot like a greenhouse in summer time.  img_0218

New uPVC Conservatory

We suggested that they view our beautiful
uPVC conservatories, and they were instantly impressed. Our new energy efficient uPVC conservatory, with its state of the art glass coatings, now retains heat in the winter and reflects heat in the summer. This means that the conservatory is a useable part of the house all year round!

Quick Installation

The new conservatory went up without a hitch. Our Reading customers opted for a lean-to conservatory, which is the most competitively priced conservatory in our range. They chose a classic 'white' for the finish, with a stunning glass roof to add a classic aesthetic and improve noise insulation.

Versatile Design

Our conservatories can be used in all manner of ways - these customers in particular chose a conservatory to create an additional living space; an area to relax with patio doors giving them a beautiful view of their garden. We've seen our conservatories used for dining rooms, play rooms - even bedrooms! Our Ultraframe conservatories are designed in such a way that they can be used for almost anything. Perfect for garden parties and summer BBQs, a conservatory could be your next Reading home improvement. uPVC Conservatories Reading

Final Result

Incredibly pleased with the end result, our Reading customers sent us some before and after pictures of their conservatory installation. We think you'll agree, the difference is amazing! The family were most pleased with the glass roof as it has reduced noise when it rains so they can enjoy the room together without the need for raised voices. conservatory reading

Conservatory Prices in Reading

Our conservatories are very competitively priced, so if you're interested in a conservatory of your own why not start your online quote today! Use our online quoting engine to tailor your own unique conservatory quote in Reading - you can choose the style, colour, even the roof. For more information, call us on 0118 956 6866 0r complete our online contact form for a quick response. To see our conservatories for yourselves, visit our local showroom! It's open 7 days a week, and our friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.
Orangeries Installation, Reading

Orangeries Installation, Reading

Abbey Windows have over 30 years of experience with installing fantastic double glazing products in homes throughout Reading and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to working with homeowners like you to make sure that your home improvements go exactly as planned. This particular client selected Abbey Windows for many reasons, such as our orangeries installed by
Ultraframe. We are also proud of our accredited Origin installers, who are trained by the best in the business to install market-leading products. The primary intention is this construction project was to maximise the existing available space with an extension. At the same time the owners wanted to maintain a beautiful view of the garden without suffering from the ‘greenhouse effect’ that can occur in conservatories with large panes.

Custom-Made Double Glazing

By working with our customer, we realised that an orangery would be the perfect answer to his requirements. With more of a solid structure and less focus on large window panes, orangeries can offer the perfect combination of natural light and privacy that conservatories and homes cannot. The homeowner was also certain that they wanted to connect the orangery to two separate rooms, which we were more than able to accommodate. This helped to build the illusion of a larger overall living space, and we worked to maintain the living room aesthetic that the customer preferred. During production the homeowners also decided that our aluminium bi-folding doors would be more suitable for their new product that the traditional patio doors they originally had in mind. This allowed for an even more spacious feeling, with the orangery blending seamlessly into the patio.
orangeries installation, reading

The Perfect Middle Ground – The Verdict

The finished product was a bespoke orangery that provides our customer with all of the features and benefits of modern engineering. The perfect summer space for entertaining guests, this new extension manages to blend the privacy of the home with the space of the conservatory. Our installation team thoroughly enjoyed working with this homeowner, who had only good things to say of us. Applauding the team’s efficiency, he noted that he ‘can’t fault any of them. The people who did the groundwork were efficient, clean and tidy…there was minimum disruption to us’. Claiming that he would work with Abbey Windows again in the future, this customer has left our business ecstatic at the quality of his new product. So get in contact with Abbey Windows yourself for orangeries that offer maximum security and incredible thermal efficiency for an affordable price.
orangeries installation prices berkshire

Get Your Bespoke Quotation Today

Abbey Windows have a wealth of experience in installing fantastic double glazing. If you would like to complement your home with one of our incredible extensions then get in contact with our specialists today. Our team will be able to immediately answer any questions you have. If you would like to speak to us on the phone then you can call our support team on 0118 956 6866. On the other hand if you would prefer to submit your query in writing then you are more than welcome to fill out our online contact form. We will respond to any messages as soon as possible. Finally, we also offer an online option for customers looking to begin their home improvement project immediately. If you fill out our online quotation request then you will receive an instant and bespoke price. This quote will be completely personalised for your project, so try it out today.
Conservatory Installation Caversham, Reading

Conservatory Installation Caversham, Reading

Conservatory installation carried out by the Abbey Windows double glazing installation team.

Blending old and new is often a challenge and one we relished with this Caversham Home. As well as designing a large conservatory which embellished character to blend with the period style home, we even produced leaded window designs to replicate the original leaded light windows. Our customer wanted a conservatory where they could enhance their living space easily. This means that they would get more natural light and save on their energy bills. It would also ensure that they stayed warm during the winter months. 

A Thermally Efficient Build 

Our conservatory builds are thermally efficient, bringing in plenty of natural light in your property. As a result, this made their property brighter and created the illusion of a larger space over time. This is ideal in the cold winter months.  What’s more, the customer wanted to upgrade to triple glazing, resulting in a robust thermal barrier to keep heat in their home. What’s more, this saved money on their energy bills over time. 

Interior Ambience 

This customer chose a conservatory because they wanted an interior ambience in their home. Our conservatories at Abbey are a great place to unwind and relax.  They wanted a quiet space, so our conservatories are inherently soundproof. They reduce loud noises to a whisper, resulting in a quieter.

Brings the House and Garden Together

Conservatories are a great space because they connect the house and garden. This gave them the perfect space to enjoy nature and outstanding panoramic views. This customer added a stunning bifold door to their conservatory, increasing natural light and supporting large glazing panels.  The customer wanted elegance and grace to their door, so they chose a bifold door that folds out like a concertina. This helped bring fresh air, saving money on their air conditioning bills.

Conservatories Come in Bespoke Colours

At Abbey, we offer a bespoke service to our customers, letting them create their unique style. With a massive selection of RAL colours to choose from, this customer decided to go for a popular Anthracite Grey option.  Anthracite Grey gave the customers’ conservatory a slick and modern feel to their property This accent piece added a welcome dose of colour to the customers’ conservatory, contrasting with the white walls. 

A Conservatory Space  For You

If you’d like to choose a conservatory design like this customer, reach out to Abbey Windows today. With nearly 40 years of experience, we are on hand to help you with your needs. Give us a call at
01189 566866 or fill out our online contact form to learn more. We look forward to helping you create your dream conservatory. 
uPVC Conservatory Whitley, Reading

uPVC Conservatory Whitley, Reading

uPVC Conservatory Replacement Carried Out In Reading By The Abbey Windows Team

A couple in Reading have recently chosen a stunning uPVC Conservatory upgrade for their Reading Home. Their old, flat-roofed leaking conservatory has been skilfully replaced by our expert conservatory installation team to a sophisticated Gable End Conservatory.

This stylish and charming style of uPVC Conservatory has completely rejuvenated their Whitley home whilst maintaining the authentic charm of their character property.

Leaking Conservatory

The couple’s flat-roofed uPVC conservatory had been in place for over twenty-five years, but a leaking roof and a frame which let in draughts meant the outdated structure could no longer be the hub of their Reading home.

With seven grandchildren, the couple were now looking for a room with functionality. A space that could be used throughout the seasons, whatever the weather.

Bespoke Conservatory Refurbishment

Our double glazing team talked through the exciting conservatory styles we have to offer including our bespoke conservatory styles. It was important to the couple that we keep to a similar footprint to the original uPVC Conservatory. Together we began to design the couple’s ideal conservatory, in keeping with the look and feel of their Reading home.


A brand new conservatory plan was drawn up with a number of amendments to enhance the look of the Reading home. The new plans would bring the uPVC Conservatory up to date, whilst retaining the lines of the house.

Gable Ended Conservatory

The couple opted for a stunning Gable End Conservatory; a modern style of uPVC Conservatory offering maximum space and height within the room. The double glazed front window panel of this cleverly designed uPVC Conservatory remains upright rather than sloping back towards the centre. This, coupled with the new high-angled double glazed roof, maximises light and creates a feeling of great height within the uPVC Conservatory. Check out the before and after photographs below.

uPVC Conservatory in Caversham

The conservatory roof replacement will further improve the functionality of the new uPVC Conservatory in Reading. We wished to give the couple climate control with high performance glass. The old, leaking roof was replaced with an UltraFrame double glazed roof, providing the couple with a uPVC Conservatory they can use all year round. No longer will this family room be hot in summer and cold in winter, with the innovative four-season double glazing.

uPVC French Doors Fitted on New uPVC Conservatory

The Abbey Conservatory installation team lastly fitted a pair of stylish uPVC French Doors from Liniar into the new uPVC Conservatory. An elegant addition allowing easy access to the garden on hot summer days.

French Doors Whitely

We built practical hardware into the uPVC Conservatory design allowing the new uPVC French Doors to be easily latched back on a windy day.

Further security features were included with a Yale Lockmaster multipoint lock incorporated into the uPVC French Doors, the ultimate shield against would-be intruders.

Reading Conservatory Replacement - The Verdict

The couple worked with Abbey in a dynamic fashion, getting involved with all details to find a solution which would suit both their Whitley home and their living style.

The verdict, a success! The couple can enjoy their new uPVC Conservatory to the full, all year round.

uPVC Conservatory Whitely

The couple are particularly pleased in the size and feeling of spaciousness in the new conservatory. Having previously had pinoleum blinds on the uPVC Windows, the couple have delayed their decision to put new conservatory blinds in. Simply appreciating the bright, airy feel of their new living space.

The conservatory is now used as a family room and is certainly the new heart of their Reading home.

Conservatory Prices

How Much Does a Conservatory Cost?

Inspired by our conservatory success story? Get instant online conservatory prices today with our free and easy to use conservatory quoting engine. Alternatively, get in contact with our friendly team here at Abbey Windows to find out more.

Affordable Gable End Conservatories, Reading

For a beautiful selection of Gable End conservatories, look no further than Abbey Windows for stunning designs. Start an online quote today for a quick and easy conservatory price. It only takes a few minutes and lets you get a price that matches your budget.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a beautiful conservatory for your property.  you can either give us a call at 0118 956 6866 or email us at [email protected] if you would prefer to get in touch online. 

You can also get in touch via our online contact form for a quick and helpful response from our friendly team. We’re always happy to offer advice and answers to any questions you may have.





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