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Smart Glass

Our Smart Glass lets you switch between normal glazing and privacy glass in an instant! You can pair with your Alexa so, just with voice-activation, you can swap between the two. Our brand new laminate-switchable smart glass can be used as part of double glazed or triple glazed units.

The glass works by plugging into the main electricity of your home. Power on for viewing and power off for privacy glass, the transformer and wires are all included with the product so the units just have to be plugged into the mains supply when fitted.

You can flick between your switchable privacy glass by using the remote control, a light switch style panel that is fitted to the wall, an app on your smartphone, or through your Alexa. Quick and simple to switch between the two!

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Features & Benefits

Smart Glass


You can use your Alexa to voice command your Smart Glass to switch between privacy and clear!

Smart Glass


The Switchable Glass windows are fitted with a switch on the wall so you can flick between the two at the click of a button.

Smart Glass

Smart Phone

Download our App and switch between privacy and clear glass from your phone, you don't even have to move from the sofa!

Smart Glass

Easy to Use

Everyway to use our Smart Glass is quick, simple and effective, the perfect addition to your home.

Smart Glass

Perfect for Offices

The perfect way to keep some privacy in your office without the need for blinds, flick to privacy glass for your meetings with ease.

Smart Glass

Smart Glass Price

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