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Slimline Aluminium Windows Reading

Slimline aluminium windows are the perfect modern addition to your home whether you live in a more traditional and rural house or an urban new build.

Incredibly energy efficient but subtle and simplistic in design, they offer optimal lighting for any room through their slimmer frame in comparison to a more conventional aluminium window.

The minimalistic yet eye catching design helps to take advantage of the natural light in your home with its 65mm profile. This is all without compromising on viewing the exquisite Berkshire views around your home.

20 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Slimline Aluminium Casement Windows

A traditional casement window, with any of left, right or top openers, can be made to fit any space. The slimmer frame will allow plenty of natural light to fill whatever space and whatever room in which it would feature. These are more conventional than other styles offered at Abbey. Like all of our products, they are bespoke and can be customised to fit your needs whether you’re looking for a more traditional feel or looking for something to modernise your home.

Slimline Aluminium Fixed Frame Windows

Unlike our traditional casement option, fixed frame windows allow an unlimited amount of natural light to enter your home, through the removal of any moving parts or openings. The removal of these allows the fixed frame slimline window to optimise the smallest or even the largest of spaces, without requiring much aftercare or maintenance on your behalf beyond fitting.

Incredible Thermal Efficiency

Despite their sleek design, our slimline aluminium windows offer an impressive U-value of just 1.2 W/m2K with our triple glazing option. This makes them compliant with the recommended regulations here in the UK. This efficiency will keep your home cool in the summer and cosy in the winter whilst also helping to cut down on your energy bills at the same time. This makes our slimline aluminium windows incredibly efficient for whatever home you live in.

All About Safety

Like all of our models available at Abbey, our slimline aluminium window offers excellent protection. It is also able to double up as an emergency exit for your home, with its fire egress hinge. This means that you and your family can sleep easy. In addition, all of our slimline aluminium windows include our hinge blockers, impenetrable crimped frames and our renowned locking systems.

Endless Design Options

Much like our uPVC options, our slimline aluminium windows are available in a variety of colours and styles to suit whatever type of home you and your family live. This includes both the colour of the frame itself as well as both chrome and satin handle options. If you choose our slimline casement option, you can select whatever window configuration suits the available space.

Low Maintenance

At Abbey, we only use the best aluminium, and our new slimline aluminium window is included within that. As a result, your new slimline aluminium window will require very little maintenance or after once the product has been fitted. It is therefore a very cost effective and smart addition to your home, whatever your budget or requirements.

slimline aluminium windows caversham
Aluminium Double glazing Reading
slimline aluminium windows caversham

Colour Options

Origin slimline aluminium windows come in any colour you wish thanks to RAL colour matching. Find the ideal shade for your home today.























Frame Colours


Origin Platinum Partners

We were incredibly proud to be awarded Platinum Partnership status by Origin. We one of only seven companies across the world who have been awarded this prestigious status. We’re pleased to be able to provide our customers with Origin’s high quality products that are matched only by our high quality service.

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Abbey Windows are pleased to bring Aluco steel look windows to homeowners across the Berkshire area! This wonderful new collection comes from our Aluco suppliers and provides a steel look, slim design to your windows! Unrivalled in aesthetic and design, these windows provide the home with an ultra modern finish that propels the home into the 21st century!

slimline aluminium windows caversham


Our slimline aluminium windows provide the home with exceptional style as well as excellent views of the outside at all times! With this selection of windows, either from Origin or Aluco, you’ll have a modern installation that not only transforms the way you experience the inside of your home, but also the way you experience the outside. Our stunning case study for a recent project in Caversham highlights how our installations can transform any home to achieve its full potential.

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Slim Frame Aluminium Windows from Abbey Windows

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Safety glass for your doors and windows

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Installation, Reading

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Installation, Reading

One of our happy customers living in a waterfront property by Henley-On-Thames was looking for ‘the best
aluminium bi-fold doors on the market’. From his first interaction with Abbey Windows, this homeowner was delighted with the industry knowledge of our specialist teams. In this case the client was looking for Origin doors based on their sterling reputation, and he was happy to find that all of his immediate questions were answered during his very first phone call to our team. He was then confident in our ability to deliver a quality set of bi-folds. We are proud to be able to deliver the right answer within minutes, no matter the question, when it comes to home improvements. While competing companies may offer a call-back service, we will answer your query right there and then just as we did for this homeowner.

High Quality Origin Products with Abbey Windows

When this local property owner described Origin doors as some of the best on the market he wasn’t exaggerating. We have been proudly delivering this incredible product range to customers throughout Henley-On-Thames and the surrounding areas in Berkshire for over 30 years. These bi-fold doors make for a durable addition to any property, and the proximity to water in this build meant that damp-resistance was a must. They also operate at optimum thermal efficiency, successfully counteracting the higher winds that regularly batter waterfront structures. The glamorous choice of corner bi-folding doors also meant that extra care had to be put into the installation process. Smooth running free glide systems allow the product to efficiently move across the track whilst anti-lift technology keeps the framework in place against all odds.

Stunning Designs at Affordable Prices – The Verdict

This customer took pride in the unique nature of his property, and our professional installation teams acted swiftly and efficiently to complete his project. The slim, lightweight frames allowed for increased sight-lines which were integral for providing the incredible views seen in our videos. We were also happy to help the homeowner to customise his new purchase to match the rest of the property. Once we had located the correct RAL number, we worked with a local builder’s yard to mix the paint into the required colour, which was then easily coated onto the profile. Finally, all of this is backed by an industry-leading 20 year guarantee of quality, a testament to our promise of brilliant bi-fold doors. Overall, this customer was delighted with the advanced weather-seals and durable powder coating that will protect his new purchase for years to come.
Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Installation, berkshire

Get in Touch with Us Today

This beautiful home was a joy to work on, and the addition of our fantastic bi-folding doors helped this customer to fully complement his property. Get in contact with Abbey windows today for a no-nonsense quotation from one of the most experienced teams in the business. If you would like to speak to one of our specialists as soon as possible then we recommend giving our team a call on 0118 956 6866. You can also fill out our online contact form to get a question or request to us in writing. Our professionals would be more than happy to help. For those looking for an immediate quote so that you can get an idea of pricing, head on over to our online quotation tool. This program is specifically designed to deliver an immediate and affordable price, custom-tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Try it out today!
Window and Bi-Fold Door Installation Tilehurst, Reading

Window and Bi-Fold Door Installation Tilehurst, Reading

Quality Window and Bi-Fold Door installation in Tilehurst

Abbey Windows can help transform your home to provide more space and elegant style with an exquisite selection of
Residence 9 windows and Origin aluminium bi-fold doors. Our windows and bi-fold doors possess similar high-quality profiles to ensure consistent performance, and matching aesthetics. Their slim-line design provides reduced sightlines for greater glazed areas, which means your home shall be illuminated by light and achieve exceptional views. We supply and install leading quality windows and bi-fold doors, as our customer in Tilehurst, Reading, recently experienced. Mr and Mrs Taylor opted to completely renovate their home with a new set of windows and bi-fold doors, offering contrasting but complementing aesthetics. They were in a very unique position of moving into a brand new build property in the countryside, and were keen to locate suitable windows and doors to offer complement the style. For this reason, Residence 9 windows and Origin bi-fold doors were the ideal solutions.

High-Performance Windows and Doors

Offering an impressive multi-chambered profile design, a highly-secure uPVC frame, and the finest energy-efficient glazed panes, our Residence 9 double glazing far surpasses the performance of standard windows and doors. Meanwhile, an impressive polyamide thermal-break and high-grade profile design allows our Origin bi-fold doors to perform impressively while looking beautiful. Our customer could tell in the showroom that our special collection is high-quality, providing a very secure, authentic appearance that offers a premium alternative to the customer. They were particularly taken for words when they saw the monkey tail hardware and grained white coloured foil on the reverse side of our windows, a traditional feature of 19th century flush sash timber windows. When complete, Mr and Mrs tailor found that the flush finished windows were the ultimate aesthetic for their cottage, that blended seamlessly into her architecture and with the bi-fold doors. As opposed to timber, our incredible uPVC windows provide weatherproof, corrosion resistant performance, capable of a lasting long into the future. These are a low maintenance solution for homeowners in Reading, which Mrs Taylor was very pleased with. High-end window and bi-fold door installation is cost-effective and high-quality, due to Abbey Windows offering turnkey solutions, which cuts out the middleman. Our Residence 9 manufacturing process ensures windows achieve a perfect decorative detailed finish, which once completed, provides a exceptional alternative to timber windows. These highly-innovative methods of fabrication allow R9 window to prevail throughout the years despite poor British weather conditions, and fitted with the very latest locking system and hardware, shall protect homes from potential intruders.

Warm and Cosy Living Environment

We wanted to ensure our customers cottage was well insulated as well as attractive. With our high-performance Residence 9 system, we ensure cottages feel more like home, by offering a thermally-broken, multi-chambered design that retains heat inside, and by installing widespread bi-fold doors, our Tilehurst customers can now relax and enjoy the warmth of their own cottage in a illuminated space. At the back of their home, there was a clear space available that they felt would be perfect for bi-fold doors, and with our incredibly versatile size configurations, we were confident we could help. Our Residence 9 windows and Origin bi-fold doors achieve the highest Windows Energy Rating’s and extremely low U-values, meaning your home can retain heat for longer. As you rely less heavily on your central heating system, you’ll begin to notice significant savings on your energy bills almost immediately after installation! There’s also the option to install market-leading triple glazing in R9 windows or Origin bi-folds, enhancing thermal-efficiency and security once more.

Residence 9 Tilehurst

Origin Bi-Fold Door Installation

Here at Abbey Windows, we provide the latest, leading aluminium bi-fold door designs on the market, incorporating the enhanced profile specification of Origin, and achieving a sleek, smooth finish. These allow maximum ingress of light through them, which is why our customer in Tilehurst felt they’d be the perfect fit to add an extra opening. Available in a multitude of colours, our Origin bi-fold doors are highly adaptable to any style of property. As an owner of a country property, we agreed that our customer’s would benefit from black bi-fold doors, and classic white uPVC windows, emulating traditional cottage design. Alongside the brickwork, our black Origin bi-fold doors complemented one another perfectly, and furthermore, with a three door configuration that featured an opening leaf to one side, the homeowner benefitted from a seamless link between her home and the outdoors. Origin bi-fold doors are exceptionally high-performance, and equally easy to install. Whatever your space demands, we ensure there’s a design, and a fit, to enhance the appearance and performance of your home. Our window and bi-fold door installation in Tilehurst, Reading went swimmingly, as once surveying was complete, we were able to conduct the installation of brand new, thermally-efficient double glazing right away.

Window and Bi-Fold Door Installation Tilehurst, Reading

If you have been given inspiration for new windows or bi-fold doors here at Abbey Windows, please visit our online quoting engine for a competitive quote today! We also offer a callback service, whereby by simply completing a form at the online contact page, we will be on hand to give you a call within moments!  
Origin Bi-Fold Door Installation in Wokingham

Origin Bi-Fold Door Installation in Wokingham

Superb Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Installation in Wokingham, carried out by the expert Abbey Windows team. When a family in Wokingham decided to install aluminium bi-fold doors into their home in Wokingham, they wanted the best. This is why they turned to Abbey Windows, and they were particularly impressed that
Origin doors are entirely manufactured in the UK. It’s a commitment we make here at Abbey, to keep our double glazed doors as energy-efficient as possible by making sure they have been manufactured in the UK. Our Wokingham customers visited Abbey Windows showroom in Reading to see how the doors look, and to see how well the doors performed in terms of functionality. The family have a holiday home in France and wanted a room in their UK home that welcomed in natural sunlight, and gave the home a bright, contemporary feel. They chose Abbey Windows to help create this atmosphere by designing beautiful aluminium bi-fold doors for their home.

Ultimate in Open Plan Living

With a range of fold configurations and panel styles available, it was easy for our Wokingham customers to find the perfect aluminium sliding doors for them. The couple specified a three door set-up, where there’s a main traffic door and the rest of the doors fold and slide in the same direction, creating as much space as possible. Origin’s Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors are incredibly thermally efficient, a feature that the couple were particularly looking for. As the doors are made from high grade aluminium, the frames are manufactured to be very narrow, which means the doors provide the maximum view of the garden. Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors wokingham

Bespoke Finish

There are multiple finishes and RAL colours available for the doors and our Wokingham customers chose a classic white fit to complement their home and to blend with the aesthetic of the existing window frames and colour. Our customers can now enjoy the garden room they always wanted. “The whole structure of the garden room is perfect - the living area has an open plan feel so we can really enjoy our garden. It also serves as an ideal entertaining space! We love the influx of light that seems to pour in throughout the day – it reminds us of our holiday home in France. We handed everything over to the Abbey team who went through it step by step to completion.  The opening has changed the way we view and use the house in such a positive way. It was the change we needed to fall in love with our home all over again – we certainly won’t be moving any time soon!”

A Room for the Whole Family to Enjoy

The family regularly have holidays in France and the couple wanted to bring that feeling of relaxation and hospitality to their Wokingham home. The new aluminium bi-folding door extension has enabled them to do just that, by creating a unique and spacious living area for the whole family to enjoy. A fantastic feature of our Origin folding doors is that they are ‘finger safe’, keeping your little ones safe from trapping their fingers. Their home certainly has the ‘wow’ factor as the light streams through their property, naturally drawing the eye to their beautiful open-plan garden room. aluminium bi-fold doors wokingham

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Prices

Looking for your own aluminium bi-fold doors? Give us a call today on 0118 956 6866 for competitive bi-fold door prices in Wokingham. If you’re looking for more information, don’t hesitate to fill out our online contact form for a quick response. We’re always happy to hear from potential customers regarding design choices and ideas.
Origin Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Installation Wokingham

Origin Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Installation Wokingham

Stunning Aluminium Bi-Folding Door Installation in Wokingham

Aluminium bi-fold doors from Abbey Windows open up a new dimension for your home, providing an uninterrupted panoramic view of your world, with the capacity to draw in an influx of natural light into your home, creating an illuminated space. These are highly flexible folding doors, allowing you to open them inwards or outwards to provide additional space. Our bi-fold doors are suitable for any kind of architecture, adopting slim aluminium sightlines, which complement heritage properties and contemporary styled homes alike. In addition, regardless of what space you already have, there’s sure to be an available size configuration to add character to your beautiful home. We offer door leafs from 400mm all the way up to 1200mm. Our customer, Mrs Martin of Wokingham wanted to aesthetically improve the look of the rear of their property. By letting the outside in while opening up the room and creating a sense of  increased spaciousness of their living space, increasing their light whilst improving their security with Origin Aluminum bi-folding doors.

The Bi-Fold Door Installation...

Abbey removed the old uPVC products and cut out the brickwork where the old single window was installed. This allowed the customer to replace the redundant window with a two panel set of bi-folds. The french doors and side panels were removed so the area could be enhanced with a 3 leaf set of Origin bi-folding doors in a 3+0 design with traffic door that makes the doors easily usable for everyday access. Our professional contractors carried out the job in an efficient, safe manner by having the correct tools and expertise, minimising risk by keeping his toolset and the area tidy. We informed the customer of how the work would be undertaken and how long we would need. From start to finish, we offer high-quality, time-efficient dismantling and installation.

Origin - The Bi-Fold Door of Choice

Our bi-fold doors are manufactured using a precision-engineered profile from Origin, providing a high-grade aluminium frame for your doors. There’s then the choice of glazing options from Homeguard, specialists in security, insulation, and noise reduction. We fit our bi-fold doors with high-quality, unique hardware that ensures smooth functionality, rated in the top threshold in Europe. We supply and install high-quality aluminium bi-fold doors throughout all of Wokingham and the surrounding areas.

Bi-Fold Door Configuration Options

There’s optimum configuration choices available from two to eight panes, which may open fully left-to-right, right-to-left, or from the centre outwards, depending where you decide to place the main opening leaf. Our smooth system runs on a free glide bottom track, which has been intelligently designed and concealed with a short wheelbase carriage and six wheels, fabricated from premium acetal, allowing quiet and efficient functionality. We embed the latest, innovative technologies available for bi-fold doors here at Abbey Windows, such as finger safe technology, which is safe for children, and a magnetic door clip preventing doors from slamming and holding them in place. Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Wokingham

Weathertight Bi-Fold Doors

A low threshold option is available to provide access to wheelchair users and also a weatherproof threshold. It has a small lip to create a tight weather seal, and the track can be sunk into the floor, leaving a small element protruding less than 1cm. Seals can be colour-coordinated with the bi-fold doors or other features to provide a long-lasting aesthetic. Our durable powder coating finishes are available for the frame and hardware. They promise never to discolour, ensuring low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. We offer seven colours for your seals, and over 150 for the frame courtesy of RAL colours. There’s even a dual colour option, allowing you to colour match the interior and exterior independently.

The customer from Wokingham chose a Natural Oak finish to superbly complement and contrast with the brickwork and garden surroundings. These were originally white French doors with matching windows, but they found more options available for a better design at Abbey Windows. You can see the distinction between their initial doors and their new installation, featuring a glowing, Natural Oak finish and flawless glazed design. Instead of having just windows, they decided to open up their home with two sets of bi-fold doors, each with their own configuration.

High Performance Origin Bi-Fold Doors

As well as colour coded weather tight seals, aluminium bi-fold doors are rigid and thermally-efficient, providing outstanding levels of performance to the homeowner. Our customer in Wokingham appreciates how secure her new doors are, with incredible opening functionality and weatherproofing performance. We take the necessary steps during the manufacturing process to ensure our aluminium bi-fold doors provide pivotal performance throughout their long lifespan. They even come with an impressive twenty year guarantee provided by Origin, ensuring satisfaction with the quality of performance. These are low maintenance options for your home improvements, with a weatherproof, corrosion resistant frame, which is fitted with the highest quality glass for sustainable performance. A thermally-efficient home allows you to reduce your heating usage, have an adverse effect on your energy bills, and furthermore, lowering your carbon footprint.

Highly-Secure Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Origin bi-fold doors utilise security cylinders, which are tested and proven to protect locks against any form of leverage including snapping, picking, drilling and bumping. These are discreetly integrated within the door to ensure it achieves the desired effect. Our high-security locking mechanisms are just one way that aluminium bi-fold doors are highly-secure. Of course, this form of material is highly-sustainable, low density, and thoroughly robust. This makes an incredibly durable frame for your doors that are most effective in home security. These will provide inevitable protection of your home, keeping you and your family safe.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Our Origin aluminium bi-fold doors offer an attractive feature for homes in Wokingham, as our customer Mrs Martin has achieved at her house. The aluminium profile has been carefully crafted to offer slim sightlines, smooth contours, and a stunning finish. Our standard bi-fold door design is the most adaptable on the market, with its sleekly designed profile and subtly concealed hardware. We offer more exposed, stylish hardware for bi-fold doors such as handles, offering an attractive look for your home. Whether you wish to admire bi-fold doors from the outside of your traditional property, or enjoy the warmth and safety of bi-fold doors with the added light effect inside of your cosy, contemporary living room, everybody can enjoy their beautiful aesthetic appeal.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Prices Wokingham

Please head onto our online quoting engine for further information regarding our competitive prices on aluminium bi-fold doors. Contact us alternatively by using the online contact page, where you will be able to leave your details for us to get in touch on in due course.
Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Installation Wokingham

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Installation Wokingham

aluminium door installation by Abbey Windows Abbey Windows have recently completed a fantastic Bi-Fold Door installation in Wokingham, featuring our superb Bi-Fold Doors. It can be difficult to bi folds entrance after stocker (1)bring light into your Wokingham home all year round – our beautiful aluminium Bi-Fold Doors offer an exquisite solution to this problem. Using robust aluminium bi-fold doors from Origin we’ve created a robust, stunning design that will perfectly enhance the specific personality of your Wokingham property.


Combining our beautiful aluminium bi-folding doors with a stunning timber gable-end design, our customers made a fantastic transformation to their Wokingham property. Here at Abbey Windows we believe it’s easy to combine different materials to benefit from multiple functionalities and create a statement aesthetic for your Wokingham home. Using a gable-ended timber design, our Wokingham customers have hugely increased the influx or natural light into their property, which will give an airy effect to their home while evoking the illusion of space. Perfect for opening up your home, they’ll be able to host those welcoming summer parties they’ve always dreamed of!

High Security Design

Security is always a high priority for our customers, which is why we recommended our unbeatable aluminium Bi-Fold Doors from Origin. Safety is paramount to Abbey Windows, which is why we’ve chosen a design that will provide safety and comfort to your family and most importantly your children. Aluminium is an incredibly robust material, which in itself will keep our Wokingham customers much safer. They will also benefit from heightened weather resistance – a blessing due to the somewhat unpredictable British weather! Featuring finger safe gaskets to prevent trapping, our aluminium Bi-Fold Doors are perfect for protecting your little ones, and we can also provide low threshold designs for optimum easy access. Strong magnets are an optional extra, which are great for keeping the bi-fold doors in place to stop them from slamming.

How to Achieve a Beautiful Aesthetic

Our Wokingham customers have beautifully connected their home and garden, and have chosen a striking design and colour scheme that enhances thbifolds shell stocker (1)eir home perfectly. Using a unique free-glide roller system, they have achieved effortless operation and smooth functionality, effortlessly joining their living space to the outside area. Choosing the spectacular anthracite grey with chrome furnishings, their Wokingham home has been dramatically modernized, while in keeping with the sophisticated grey brickwork of their property. The customers in question opted two different fold configurations; with one set of doors have three panels and the other set having four panels. It’s easy to design bi-fold doors to suit your Wokingham home, and we offer a range of opening, folding and sliding configurations.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Prices

Feeling inspired by our Wokingham customers? Here at Abbey Windows we offer incredibly competitive prices for our aluminium bi-fold doors, without sacrificing design and important security benefits. Get in touch today on 0118 956 6866 for fantastic aluminium door prices in Wokingham – we’re always happy to chat about your design ideas and specifications. Alternatively, fill in our simple online contact form. You’ll receive a quick reply from our friendly team who will be happy to talk you through our simple installation process.
Orangery Installation in Caversham, Reading

Orangery Installation in Caversham, Reading

Stunning Orangery Designed For Reading Family By The Abbey Windows Double Glazing Team. Abbey Windows have recently completed an Orangery installation with
Origin Bi-Fold Doors for a family in Reading and the results are spectacular.

Our customers wanted to create more space towards the back of their property and to open up their living area. They also wanted to make full use of their garden in the summer months.

We guided the family through our Orangery designs and came up with the perfect solution for their Caversham home.

What Is an Orangery?

Orangeries are the grand 17th century predecessors to the modern conservatory and were typically expressions of wealth and status for the elite (those who could afford to keep citrus trees).

The primary difference between an Orangery and Conservatory is that an orangeries are primarily made up of brick in keeping with the brickwork of the house or building it is built onto. Providing better insulation from the elements.

Today, Orangeries exude the same air of luxury and elegance as their stately ancestors. They make for exceptional sunrooms for relaxing or entertaining guests. Orangeries are a truly valuable addition to your Reading home.

We created the ideal Orangery to complement the Caversham home. A contemporary design allowing for the maximum amount of light to enter the home whilst still maintaining privacy.

Orangery with Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors

Origin’s Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors open out onto the garden patio giving the family complete versatility. These revolutionary aluminium doors break down the barrier between home and garden inviting the outdoors into their Reading property.

When the aluminium bi-folding doors are open, the body of the Orangery leads seamlessly out onto the garden bringing fresh air, space and light into the living space. When closed, the aluminium bi-fold doors offer the highest security with a Yale Shootbolt locking system, an anti-lift catch and tamper-proof aluminium hinges.

Our aluminium bi fold doors also boast a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee directly with Origin!

Bi Fold Doors Caversham

Fitting the Orangery Roof

We designed a bespoke glass roof for the Orangery which sits flawlessly against the L-shaped structure of the Reading home. The family opted for a flat roof around the perimeter of the Orangery in keeping with the lines of the house.

The Orangery Roof was created using a high-quality, structural grade aluminium profile.

We then capped and cladded the Orangery with low maintenance thermal uPVC capping board fascias and claddings. The ideal finishing for a maintenance free Orangery.

uPVC Orangery Caversham

Orangeries: Glass Extensions for your Home

Orangery extensions are becoming ever more popular and it’s no wonder. There are endless benefits to Orangeries. They are visually striking yet entirely practical and energy efficient. Beautiful glass rooms that you can use all year round!

This happy family in Reading finds that in the summer, it’s great to open up their new Origin Bi-Fold Doors and use the garden as an extra addition to the living space. Whereas, in the winter, it becomes a homely and cosy den.

This new room adds a further dimension to their Reading property and provides a seamless link between their home and the garden.

How Much Does an Orangery Cost?

Interested in investing in an Orangery for your home? Get in contact with our friendly team here at Abbey Windows for competitive Orangery prices today!

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Installed in Purley, Reading

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Installed in Purley, Reading

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Installation

Origin Bi-Fold Doors Installation in Purley on Thames

aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Installation carried out in Purley on Thames Abbey Windows have carried out a spectacular installation for a couple in Berkshire, involving a complete renovation of their Reading property. Taking place over a three year period, we are very proud to have completed a beautiful renewal of this riverside home, including the installation of Origin Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors and Aluminium Windows. The property was renovated with the intention of making the most of the couple’s spectacular riverside location, for which aluminium Bi-Fold Doors are perfect. They have opened up their space in a truly exquisite way, and have chosen robust, secure Bi-Fold Doors to do so. aluminium doors purley

Replacing Wooden Doors for Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

The couple previously had wooden Bi-Fold Doors, which were outdated and very heavy, making their functionality poor. They were also lacking in weather resistant properties, resulting in frequent draughts and weather damage. These outdated wooden doors were removed and replaced with beautiful Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, which excel in beautiful functionality and superb durability. They still maintain the spectacular aesthetics of wooden doors, with the robust strength benefits of aluminium. Our customers had chosen bi-fold doors in particular because of the space they offer, and the easy way in which you can open up a room or living area. They can easily transform an entire space, which our Purley customers were intent on doing.

Beautiful Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

They decided on four sets of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, each having three leafs. Two sets were installed on the ground floor, creating a beautiful connection between the living room and garden, while the other two sets were installed on the upper level, which open up the kitchen/dining area onto the balcony. The upper level Bi-Fold Doors sit beneath a beautiful gable window, allowing the room to be filled with light and the illusion of space. Beautiful natural light now effortlessly floods into both levels of their property, creating much more space for our Purley customers to enjoy. They’ve chosen a fantastic way to truly enjoy their outstanding views over the river Thames, while bringing additional security benefits to their Berkshire home. Incredibly advanced in functionality, our Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors offer exceptional operation, moving smoothly and virtually silently for a sophisticated effect. Our customers chose a beautiful Anthracite Grey finish to bring contrast, which was beautifully complemented with stainless steel hardware for a charming contemporary effect. Both the finish and hardware are resistant to scratches and colour fading  - perfect for ensuring their new Bi-Fold Doors would last for years to come. Purley-on-Thames-internal-open

Additional Aluminium Windows

Our couple were so impressed with their new aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, that they decided to replace various other fittings throughout their Purley home. Two fixed pane aluminium windows were coupled with the Bi-Fold Doors upstairs to create truly panoramic views of the landscape, and the casement windows in the kitchen were also replaced with aluminium windows. Windows in the living area were also replaced, and were coloured in the beautiful anthracite grey powder coating to keep consistent with the Bi-Fold Doors. ThPurley-on-Thames-full-houseeir home been entirely renovated, and has produced a stunning effect!

Double Glazing Accessories

We installed internal Uni-Blinds for our Reading customers, as privacy was an important installation factor. They sit neatly between the glass, and are magnetically controlled as well as solar reflective to help with summer cooling. Our Purley customers also opted for upgraded double glazing that was manufactured using Total+Low E glass with argon gas, to ensure three times as much heat retension as standard glass!

Aluminium Double Glazing Prices

Enhancing an already striking property is difficult, but we think you’ll agree, Abbey Windows allowed the spectacular location of this Purley property to be fully appreciated with aluminium Bi-Fold Doors from Origin. Interested in beautiful aluminium Bi-Fold Doors for your Reading property? Get in touch today directly on 0118 956 6866 for helpful advice and incredible aluminium double glazing prices. Our lovely team are always on hand to help. Alternatively, fill out our easy online contact form, to receive a quick reply. We’re excited to hear about your aluminium Bi-Fold Door design ideas!

Slimline Aluminium Window Prices Reading

Interested in investing in slimline aluminium windows for your Reading, Basingstoke or Thames Valley home?

Get in touch with us via our contact form to find out more. Alternatively, give one of our friendly team members a call on 0118 956 6866.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a range of flexible finance options to suit your budget.

Finance Options Now Available

We are pleased to be able to offer you a range of flexible finance options to suit your budget.

Choose our ‘5 Years Interest Free on our Harmony Range’ or opt for our ‘Buy Today with Nothing to pay for a whole year’ option. With an extensive collection of finance options available, you can be sure to find the right option to suit your home improvement budget.

Calculate which finance option best suits your budget by using our loan calculator. Alternatively, you can speak directly with one of our expertly trained team; we are always on hand to help with all your finance queries.

Find out more about our finance options.

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