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Composite Doors in Tadley

Composite doors make for terrific entrances in Tadley homes. They’re a great replacement for old wooden doors, as it doesn’t look like you’ve replaced them at all. These doors have a solid timber core, meaning you still get that authentic wooden look. However, the timber core is protected by layers of uPVC and lamination, making the door weatherproof and more durable.

As a result, composite doors have all the benefits of modern doors. You’ll get excellent insulation for your home, impact resistance to protect you from intruders, and a choice of colours and finishes too. However, you’ll also get a door that looks like a classic one, and you can customise it with period-accurate features to suit your home seamlessly.

Timeless Styles

Composite doors could make an impact on your Tadley home. Your front door says a lot about where you live, and a composite door only says good things for you. You’ll get a stylish design that feels rich and textured, with a solid timber core providing that classic wooden quality. You can also choose from a range of woodgrain finishes to style your door precisely.

The crucial benefit of composite doors over wooden doors, though, is that their looks last. With timber doors, wind and rain can cause damage to the material, wearing the wood down and creating gaps and cracks. However, the additional materials in composite doors are fully weatherproof. Because of this, they’ll protect the wood underneath, as well as the hardware.

At Abbey, we only offer composite doors of the highest quality for homes in Tadley. To do that, we’ve partnered up with Solidor and Endurance. Both of these companies are industry leaders in their own right, and you’ll get not only more performance from their doors but more choice too. Solidor, for example, offer 11,000 colour options for their composite door designs!

Solidor and Endurance’s doors can also give you something priceless – peace of mind. They use leading hardware across their doors, as well as dense profiles, to keep you safe from burglars and intruders. Endurance’s doors have a 48mm solid timber core, 10% thicker than average. They’ve also proven it’s impact-resistant, and even sledgehammers can’t break through their doors.

Composite Door Prices Tadley

Modern Security

A brand-new front door can make your home look more inviting. However, with Abbey’s range of composite doors, you won’t invite intruders into your Tadley home. Security is always what’s most important about new doors to us. Because of this, we’ve made sure we can offer Solidor and Endurance’s high-security doors for your home.

Your front door is the most likely place an intruder will target. However, while that might seem foolish, the reason they do it is that a lot of front doors are flimsier than they may look. Even timber doors, over time, can become more vulnerable. When the timber warps out of shape, bends and twists, burglars could break through the wood or prise the door off of its hinges.

With Solidor and Endurance’s composite doors, though, your Tadley home will always be safe. Your doors will be impact-resistant, and the 48mm solid timber construction ensures exceptional strength. Not only that, the double glazing panels in your door will be toughened and come with multi-point locking mechanisms to keep them fastened to the frame.

The layers of uPVC and lamination also stop the timber underneath from wearing down. As a result, the internal hardware won’t begin to rust, meaning you can rely on your new door to keep you safe for decades to come. Composite doors can last for 50 years without regular maintenance for your Tadley home. And, for further peace of mind, we offer the Ultion lock.

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Composite Doors Tadley

Thermal Efficiency

Composite doors can improve the insulation of your Tadley home. With double glazing and the blend of materials in the design, you can block out cold air while capturing your home's natural heat. Our doors keep you warm while saving you money on bills.

Composite Door Designs Tadley

Bespoke Designs

With Abbey, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to composite doors in Tadley. We think every door we make, though, should fit one person - you. Our doors are fully customisable, meaning you can create the door of your dreams with ease.

Composite Front Doors Tadley

Expert Advice

Installing new doors can be stressful with some. But, with Abbey, you can fit new composite doors in Tadley with the help of our expert team. Our friendly fitters can offer you advice at every step of the way, putting you in more control of the process.

Modern Composite Doors Tadley


We're proud to offer Solidor's leading composite doors for homes in Tadley. These durable doors can last for decades without regular maintenance, making them easy to manage. You'll also have 11,000 colours to pick from, which is a great problem to have!

Endurance Composite Doors Tadley


Endurance's composite doors are enduring designs for your Tadley home. With a fully weatherproof design, your door won't wear down for decades to come. It'll also protect you from draughts, water ingress and burglars, meaning you'll have a door you can always rely on.

Composite Doors Security Tadley

Certified Security

At Abbey, we want to keep you safe just as much as you do. Not only do we offer highly secure composite doors in Tadley, we offer additional security hardware for further peace of mind. You can invest in the Federal UCF locking cylinder with Document Q-compliance today.

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Composite Door Prices Tadley

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