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Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

As the days get colder and the nights get darker, there’s no doubt that winter has well and truly arrived. It's the season to wrap up warm with a blanket, grab a hot drink and snuggle in the warm.

top 5 ways to make an energy efficient home

That’s why it’s important to make sure your home is thermally efficient as it can be. As you come in from the cold, you want to enjoy the warmth of your living room – without necessarily spending a fortune on your heating bills.

To achieve this, you can make your home as energy efficient as possible. How? We’ve put together this complete homeowner’s guide to maximising your property energy efficiency with the latest home improvements – all to save you money in the long run and make your living space work for you this winter.

Energy Efficient Double Glazing

You can spend a fortune heating your home, only to find the hot air escapes as you’ve barely got the benefit of it and warmed yourself up. Windows are often the culprits of a poorly performing property when it comes to energy efficiency. That’s why replacing your windows with new double glazed windows can be the perfect solution.

Double glazing allows your home to hold onto its heat much better. With two panes of glass, it acts as an effective insulator, reducing heat transfer. This means warm air can’t escape so easily, and cold air finds it much more difficult to flow inside.

What’s more, if you get an expert to replace your double glazing, they’ll make sure it is installed in your new windows professionally and properly. Poorly fitted windows allow draughts, which will let help escape all too easily and fill your home with a chilly breeze. Choose trusted installers to make sure your new double glazed windows are installed correctly to avoid this issue.

ways to make your home more energy efficient

Energy Efficient Insulated Doors

Just as underperforming windows can negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency, so too can poorly chosen and fitted front doors. A professionally installed door (as with windows) means the door sits correctly within the frames, without any gaps for draughts and cold air to exploit.

If you’re looking to replace your front door, a state-of-the-art model could hold the answer. Some outdated doors lack the thermally efficient profiles of later, modern products. Cutting-edge composite doors, for example, are much thicker and stronger, making them a resilient and energy efficient home improvement.

Perhaps you aren’t in a position to invest in a brand-new door (although it is probably much more affordable than you might think). If so, a great option is some stick-on insulation for your current front door. You can keep draughts and cold air at bay by covering any weaknesses in your profile until you’re able to purchase a replacement.

Energy Efficient Solar Panels

In the deep dark of winter, it can be difficult to remember the beautiful summer days we’ve had – although they’ll soon be round again, don’t worry! Make the most of the British weather while we have it to conserve energy and even maybe earn some extra money by selling it back.

It’s worth checking what the rules and regulations in your area are, and these can change all the time if you’re thinking of earning money through solar panel-generated electricity. However, one thing’s for sure – you can rely on your own energy efficient solar panels for a more self-sufficient lifestyle for yourself.

Solar panels even work when it’s cloudy, so don’t let the unpredictable British weather put your off your home improvement plans. Start saving electricity and money on your bills with this top way to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

make your home more thermally efficient

Energy Efficient Boilers

When it’s chilly indoors, our first instinct is often to reach for the boiler. But while other home improvements can mean you may not have to do this so often, if you don’t have a choice, is your boiler as energy efficient as it needs to be?

The initial investment of upgrading your boiler can be one of the most effective ways to save you money on your bills in the long run. Boilers are rated on an energy efficiency scale from A to G, and if yours falls at the lower (G) end of the spectrum, you aren’t maximising the energy efficiency of your home.

With the best double glazing and most insulated doors on the market, if your boiler isn’t performing as it should, you won’t be saving as much money as you could. Think about improving your boiler alongside new windows and doors for a comprehensive way to make your home more energy efficient and cut your carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient Lifestyle

There are more ways to make your home energy efficient that don’t involve spending more money – just being a little more conscious about your lifestyle and day to day activities can have hugely positive effects on the thermal efficiency of your living space.

Even small actions can add up to big savings in the long term. Turn off the lights when you leave the room or switch off your appliances when you’re not using them. New double glazing and insulated doors can certainly make your home more energy efficient, as can your own daily actions.

Getting an energy monitor can be a great way to regulate this. You’ll see how much you’re spending minute by minute, every time you turn on the TV or boil the kettle. We don’t want you to think twice before relaxing in front of your favourite show with a cup of tea, but you might want to consider if you really need to boil the kettle again if you did it only 2 minutes ago.

improve your home's thermal efficiency

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Abbey Windows

Are you looking to save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint? We’re here to help. Replacement double glazed windows and thermally efficient new doors are one of the most popular and successful ways enhance your home when it comes to style and performance.

Find out how much you can save when you work with your trusted local installer. Use our online quoting engine to get a free quote for your new windows or doors instantly. We’re sure to have the right fit for your home and the ideal way to make your property more energy efficient.

To improve your home’s energy efficiency today, talk to Abbey Windows. We look forward to working with you soon.

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