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uPVC Doors Henley on Thames

Abbey’s uPVC doors are the durable entrance you’ve been looking for in your Henley on Thames home. uPVC doors are a step up on old wooden designs in several ways. While timber doors crack in wind and rain, uPVC is a fully weatherproof material that also helps to insulate your living space.

Furthermore, the design is low-maintenance. That means you won’t be spending countless hours repainting your door. Instead, you’ll get one you can style with a bold colour or finish that won’t lose its glow.

At Abbey, we make sure to use only premium grade materials in our uPVC doors. Our profiles come from Liniar, the leaders in uPVC in the UK. Their designs are highly durable and long-lasting, and they have the strength to withstand forced break-in attempts, helping you secure your home.

Also, Liniar’s profiles can help you protect the planet. Not only will your door be lead-free and fully recyclable, but it can help you save energy inside your home, making you warmer while cutting down your household bill costs!

Benefits of uPVC Doors

uPVC doors help you create a reliable entrance to your Henley on Thames home. Thanks to Liniar’s durable profiles, and innovative hardware, you’ll be installing an opening that helps you enhance your home for decades to come.

Improved Thermal Efficiency

Abbey’s uPVC doors can help you save energy for your home in Henley on Thames. If you have an older entrance, then you may find it’s losing a lot of your home’s natural heat. With a new uPVC design, you’ll be able to not only capture that warmth but make sure no cold air enters your living space.

uPVC is a fully weatherproof material, too, so it won’t crack and expose your home to wind and rain. That way, you’ll stay warm, and with less reliance on your heating.

Better Security

Security is our top priority at Abbey. Because of this, we don’t cut any corners when it comes to our uPVC doors. Not only do we use Liniar’s robust uPVC profile, but we outfit it with highly advanced locking mechanisms too.

You’ll also have the choice of handles that all meet Secured By Design standards for security. Because of this, you’ll be able to invest in an entrance that gives you peace of mind and closes your home off as much as it can open your home up.

Bespoke Designs

Our uPVC doors are fully customisable, so their design can be as specific as the style of your home in Henley on Thames. We put you in control of the whole design process. As a result, you can design your dream entrance from the ground up.

You’ll have the option of detailed, period hardware and authentic woodgrain finishes for a traditional look. However, we also offer bold RAL colours and double glazing additions to our doors. That way, you’ll always get a bespoke design.


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uPVC Doors In Henley On Thames

Front Doors

Our uPVC front doors provide the ideal entrance to your home in Henley on Thames. You'll be able to customise them in a unique colour or finish, and add other hardware, to create a fully bespoke design. Also, thanks to the weatherproof Liniar profile, the door will protect you inside as well.

uPVC Door Costs Henley on Thames

Back Doors

Alternatively, our uPVC doors are also superb as a rear entrance. If you want to improve access to your garden, then our uPVC doors are wide with a smooth opening every time. The frame won't rust or wear, and it protects the internal hardware of the door too, ensuring reliable performance.

uPVC Door Quotes Henley on Thames

French Doors

Our uPVC French doors are a charming addition to your home in Henley on Thames. These doors open outwardly, giving you a wider space to access your home through. Not only that, but these doors are superb for ventilation, and help you access your garden more easily.

uPVC Front Doors Henley on Thames

Stable Doors

If you live in a traditional home, or want a touch of traditional design in it, then why not choose our uPVC stable doors? Stable doors open in two halves, and have a beautiful wooden aesthetic. Because of this, you'll get a perfect balance of flair and functionality.

uPVC Door Costs in Henley on Thames

Bi-Fold Doors

Our bi-fold doors help you bring nature closer to your living space. They have an innovative folding opening, meaning they can disappear when you want to open them. As a result, you create a seamless transition between home and garden, while a low-threshold option improves accessibility and security.

uPVC Doors In Henley on Thames

Patio Doors

A classic design, uPVC patio doors are as timeless as they are stylish and functional. Their reliability and durability are renowned, and patio doors are a staple of many homes across the country. Save space as you open up your home and step out into your garden in style. uPVC patio doors use double glazing to light up your home in Henley on Thames. All you have to do to open these doors is to push them effortlessly along their in-line slider. You'll get stunning lighting whether the door is open or closed as well, thanks to Liniar's slimline uPVC profile.

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uPVC Door Prices Henley on Thames

Invest in Abbey’s uPVC doors, and transform your home in Henley on Thames for decades to come.

You can start the transformation in minutes by using our online quoting engine. Find the precise design you want for your home, and we’ll provide an instant online price for any configuration you can come up with.

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