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uPVC Doors Tadley

At Abbey, we offer uPVC doors that are a terrific investment for your home in Tadley. uPVC doors are the ideal replacement for wooden ones – unlike timber, these doors are fully weatherproof. As a result, they won’t crack or twist as older doors do after a few years. Instead, your new entrance will perform for your home for 30 years or more, without regular maintenance.

We work with Liniar to offer doors with their superb uPVC profiles for your Tadley home. Liniar’s designs are market-leading, and our uPVC doors are incredibly durable as a result. The dense uPVC structure means that the door offers outstanding insulation for your home. Not only that, the air and water-tight design can prevent draughts. Because of this, our uPVC doors can save money for your home for decades to come!

Benefits of uPVC Doors

Our uPVC doors can provide a range of benefits for your Tadley home. As a replacement for wooden doors, these designs can improve your home’s performance in various ways. You’ll notice that your home will be warmer, brighter and even safer, all thanks to the uPVC profiles and leading hardware in our entrances.

Improved Thermal Efficiency

Your front door does more than welcome you into your home – it plays a crucial role in keeping it warm. However, older doors don’t offer much insulation, and they can lose their shape over time. That’s where modern uPVC doors come in. Because they are durable and dense, these doors can help capture more of your home’s natural heat and keep cold air away.

Your current front door could be losing as much as 10% of your home’s energy, meaning switching it could save you energy straight away. You won’t have to use your heating as often to stay warm, as your new uPVC door will do much of the work for you. With Liniar’s uPVC profiles, our doors are highly efficient for your Tadley home. You’ll save money on bills and save the planet a little, too, as Liniar’s doors are fully recyclable!

Better Security

Your front door can also decide who enters your home. However, an old design might struggle to do that too. When an intruder tries to get through your door, you don’t want a flimsy, fragile design being your only layer of protection. Because of this, we’ve made sure that the uPVC doors we offer here at Abbey have leading security hardware to keep your Tadley home safe.

Our designs feature double glazing with multi-point locking systems, ensuring nobody can separate the glass from the frame. Not only that, you’ll benefit from robust handles, resilient hinges and anti-tamper locks that keep intruders out. With our sliding and bifold door ranges, you can also install a low-threshold option that makes the designs anti-crowbar.

Bespoke Designs

With Abbey, you can design unique uPVC doors for your home in Tadley too. That’s because, with our range of customisable options, you’ll get a wide selection of design choices for your new door. We put all of our options at your fingertips, meaning it’s easy to design a bespoke entrance for your home. And, with our installation team, you’ll get a made-to-measure fit for any design you create.

We offer detailed knockers, handles and even catflaps to make your doors easier to use. We also provide other door styles, meaning you could install French doors if you’d like to open your home up to your conservatory. Finally, our range of bold RAL colours and authentic woodgrain finishes is sure to stand out. Once you pick one, you can be sure it’ll last for three decades without fading or discolouration.


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uPVC Doors In Tadley

Front Doors

We offer uPVC doors for almost any purpose in your Tadley home. Our front doors make a brilliant first impression, with a durable uPVC frame and your own customisable design. With their thermal efficiency, our doors will make your home feel as good as it will look.

uPVC Door Costs Tadley

Back Doors

You can also install some of our uPVC doors as a rear entrance for your home. With their durable design, you'll get a smooth operation that lasts for thousands of uses. Liniar's fully weatherproof uPVC profiles will protect the hinges and hardware from rust and wear to ensure your door opens with ease.

uPVC Door Quotes Tadley

French Doors

uPVC French doors are a more expansive entrance for your Tadley home. These doors have two sections which open in the opposite direction for a broad opening into the outside world. As a result, these doors are brilliant in the summer, letting fresh air flow through your home.

uPVC Front Doors Tadley

Stable Doors

You can install uPVC stable doors with Abbey that add a rustic quality to your Tadley home. With a two-halved opening system, you can allow fresh air and light into your home without making it less secure. Our range of authentic woodgrain finishes can complete these doors' country charm!

uPVC Door Costs in Tadley

Bi-Fold Doors

If you'd like to make a statement in your home, consider our uPVC bifold doors. Bifold doors have multiple glass panels that fold in on themselves when you open them. And, with an in-line slider operation, your doors will glide along their tracks with even the most gentle push.

uPVC Doors In Tadley

Patio Doors

Finally, our uPVC patio doors feel open even when they're closed. You'll get a full panel of glazing and slimline uPVC profiles that create fantastic views of the world around you. And, with a weatherproof design, these doors can close your home off to bad weather as well.

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