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uPVC doors could be the stunning, durable entrance your home in Thatcham needs. That’s because, unlike old wooden doors, they can perform for decades inside your home. If you have an old door, it might be showing signs of wear and age. But, rather than repair it or wait for it to fail, replacing it now could save you money in the long run.

With Abbey, you can invest in uPVC front doors for your home that are thermally efficient designs. With a robust uPVC frame, you can capture more of your home’s natural heat and keep cold air well away from your home. Not only that, uPVC is weatherproof. That means your doors won’t crack and twist in any conditions, maintaining their insulation.

Abbey offers market-leading uPVC doors for your Thatcham home too. That’s down to our partnership with Liniar, the leading name in uPVC profiles in the UK. With Liniar’s frames, you’ll get doors that stand the test of time. Not only are they highly durable, but they are lead-free and fully recyclable, making them a sustainable option for your home.

Also, you can rely on us to install your new door to your precise specifications. Abbey is a trusted local installer with over 30 years of experience installing uPVC doors in Thatcham. Our installation team is just as good as our doors, providing quality service that works around you. And, with our low prices, you can enhance your entrance with less expense!

Benefits of uPVC Doors

With uPVC doors, you can bring a lot of benefits to your Thatcham home. Our doors offer excellent thermal efficiency, helping you stay warm while spending less on heating. You get reliable security thanks to multi-point locking systems and resilient uPVC profiles. And, finally, you’ll get a door that lasts for 30 years or more, without regular maintenance!

Improved Thermal Efficiency

If you have an older door in your home, you might be letting a lot of your home’s energy go to waste. However, modern uPVC doors have superb insulation that helps you capture more of it. Liniar’s profiles make sure you can block cold air from outside and maintain your home’s climate and comfort with ease.

As a result, you won’t have to spend as much on your central heating to make your living space warm and welcoming. That means you can cut the cost of your energy bills over time, paying the cost of your investment back!

Better Security

With Abbey, you can get uPVC doors that give you something priceless – peace of mind. That’s because our designs cut no corners when it comes to security. Your new door will come loaded with security hardware, including anti-tamper locks and resilient hinges and handles, to keep you safe.

Additionally, our uPVC doors come with multi-point locking systems as standard for your Thatcham home. That means an intruder won’t be able to separate the glass in your door from the frame, helping you protect what matters most.

Bespoke Designs

We know all of our uPVC doors will lead to entirely different homes in Thatcham. So, at Abbey, we make sure our doors are as unique as the homes they welcome people to. With us, you can customise your new door fully to suit you, giving your home a brand-new centrepiece.

You can add detailed handles, knockers and letterboxes to the door for a touch of class, or even add side panels to let light flow into your landing. And, for a final flourish, our range of colours and finishes won’t fade on your door for decades to come.


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uPVC Doors In Thatcham

Front Doors

Our uPVC front doors make entering your Thatcham home a delight, every time. Your new door will also make the inside of your home warmer, improving it's thermal efficiency to cut the cost of your energy bills for good.

uPVC Door Costs Thatcham

Back Doors

Abbey's uPVC doors won't only help you enhance the front of your home. Additionally, you can fit our designs around your property. For example, our uPVC doors offer smooth operation as a back door, creating a better entrance to your garden.

uPVC Door Quotes Thatcham

French Doors

uPVC French doors are a European design that homeowners in the UK adore. It's easy to see why, too, as these double doors have a broad opening that's brilliant for letting fresh air and light into your living space.

uPVC Front Doors Thatcham

Stable Doors

With uPVC stable doors, you can add country charm to your Thatcham home. The authentic, rustic design features a two-halved opening system which lets you ventilate your home without opening the door to intruders.

uPVC Door Costs in Thatcham

Bi-Fold Doors

At Abbey, we offer uPVC bi-fold doors: multi-panelled designs with double glazing and slimline frames that operate on an in-line slider, making them easy to open. And, when you do, the panels fold away to reveal a stunning opening to your garden.

uPVC Doors In Thatcham

Patio Doors

uPVC patio doors use an in-line slider too, but they have an even broader section of double glazing. As a result, natural light pours through these doors even when you close them, perfect for connecting your home to a conservatory.

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Discover Abbey’s uPVC doors today for your home in Thatcham!

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And, if you’d like to find out more, Abbey’s friendly team are here for you. Get in touch by using our online contact form, or call 01189 566 866 today to speak to us directly!

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