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Bifold Doors Thatcham

Bifold doors could become the centrepiece of your home in Thatcham. That’s because their bold and expansive design is one you notice the moment you see it. You could replace a wall of your home with bifold doors, which use full panels of double glazing and slimline profiles to let natural light pour into your living space.

Even when they’re closed, then, bifold doors can bring nature closer to your living space. However, you’ll be able to protect your home from the elements when you have to. At Abbey, we offer bifold doors that are fully weatherproof and energy efficient, meaning you can stay warm and comfortable indoors all year round.

It’s when you open bifold doors, though, that they come alive in your Thatcham home. The doors operate on an in-line slider, meaning a gentle push is all you need to open them. From there, the panels of glass fold on themselves, meaning the door almost disappears. That way, you have a wide-open entrance to your garden, breaking down the border of your home.

At Abbey, we strive to provide both aluminium and uPVC bifold doors with a difference for your home in Thatcham. We source our designs from leading manufacturers Origin and AluK, which have superb performance when you open and close them. Also, you can customise your new doors in a range of ways with us!

Aluminium Bifold Doors

With aluminium bifold doors, you’ll get a design that combines strength and style. Aluminium is a precious metal, giving it superb inherent strength. That way, you can get slimline frames that are still highly robust for your home. As a result, your new doors will have slim sightlines, letting plenty of natural light into your home. However, the aluminium protects you when you need it most.

Aluminium is also a fully weatherproof material. It won’t crack, twist or fade in wind and rain for decades to come, meaning it can deal with all weather conditions. Not only that, but it’ll protect the hardware inside your doors, ensuring a smooth operation that lasts.

Additionally, aluminium bifold doors can make your Thatcham home more secure. That’s because, along with the aluminium frames, you’ll be investing in a door that comes loaded with leading security hardware and locking systems. Multi-point locks protect the glass, shootbolts keep the door internally locked, and an in-line slider makes the doors anti-crowbar designs.

uPVC Bifold Doors

You could also invest for less in bifold doors in Thatcham. At Abbey, we also supply uPVC bifold doors which are more affordable than aluminium but still provide amazing benefits for your home. While uPVC is cheaper, it’s still a thermally efficient material. That way, you’ll get a door with superb insulation to keep your home warm all year round.

At Abbey, we work with Liniar to offer their market-leading uPVC profiles. Liniar manufactures their uPVC to be durable, resilient and able to deal with the worst British weather. Your uPVC frames won’t fade, discolour or even scratch when the weather turns on you. That way, you can style them in bold colours without worrying about maintaining them.

Also, uPVC bifold doors could be a more sustainable investment for your Thatcham home. Liniar’s uPVC is lead-free and fully recyclable, meaning your doors won’t end up in a landfill. And, with their superb energy efficiency, you won’t have to rely on your central heating as much in your home. That way, you can decrease your carbon footprint, helping the planet.

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Bifold Doors Thatcham


One of the best things about bifold doors is how long they can perform for your Thatcham home. These doors are durable and weatherproof, ensuring they won't fade or crack over time. That way, some of our doors can last for up to half a century!

Aluminium Bifold Doors Thatcham


With Abbey, you don't have to settle for bifold doors that don't suit your Thatcham home. Instead, you can design your dream doors, with a range of customisable options. You can select unique accessories, handles, colours and panel configurations to get the right doors for you.

Bifolding Doors Thatcham

Highly Secure

Get peace of mind in your Thatcham home today with Abbey's bifold doors, leaders in security. The doors we offer have resilient security hardware - including multi-point locking systems and durable shootbolts -to keep you safe from intruders.

Bifold Doors Design Thatcham

Additional Hardware

Our bifold doors can make the little things in your life easier, too. Abbey's additional hardware includes stunning handles with a range of styles and finishes that make opening the door easy. Also, our finger-safe gaskets stop nasty accidents before they happen.

Bi-fold Doors Thatcham

Flexible Fold

With Abbey, you can get bifold doors that fold to your precise requirements. You can control the folding direction of the design, ensuring that it opens in the right way for your home. We also offer our doors with up to eight panels of double glazing!

uPVC bifolding doors Thatcham


Your bifold doors could also make your home more accessible to all. We offer a low-threshold option for each of our bifold doors, meaning you can reduce the clearance of the design. That way, you can open up your garden to people with mobility issues and wheelchair users!

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Bifold Doors Prices Thatcham

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