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Bifold Doors Fleet

Abbey‘s range of bifold doors are a fantastic way to open up your home in Fleet. Available with both uPVC and aluminium profiles, our bifold doors have multiple panels of double glazing to create an expansive entrance. When you open bifold doors, each panel of glass folds away on itself until the whole door disappears into the corner of the room. As a result, you can open up your living space with doors that neatly tuck in the corner when you don’t need them.

When you close your bifold doors, they’ll form a glass wall for your home in Fleet. As a result, natural light can flow freely throughout your living space, and you’ll have stunning views of the outside world. Not only that, the advanced double glazing in our bifold doors will keep you warm throughout the year. Our designs are a thermal barrier for your home, trapping heat inside and keeping cold air well away.

However, it’s when you open your bifold doors that they begin to show what they can do for your home in Fleet. Once you open the doors, they operate on an in-line slider to allow each panel to slide away seamlessly. So, when you’ve finished opening the doors, you’ll have a completely accessible entrance. And, with a low threshold option, you can make these doors easy to use for wheelchair and pushchair users.

Bifold doors can also keep your Fleet home secure with advanced locking hardware and a fully weatherproof design. We’ll install them locally for your home at Abbey, too, meaning you can benefit from market-leading designs for less overall cost. You’ll benefit from premium products, short lead times and a 5-star service when you choose our friendly team. Get in touch today or use our online quoting tool to get your quote today!

Double Glazed Bifold Doors Fleet


Aluminium Bifold Doors

Abbey offers its bifold doors with two unique materials for your home in Fleet. Our first option is aluminium bifold doors, designs that benefit from highly durable aluminium profiles. What makes aluminium folding doors so useful is that they have superb inherent strength. Because of this, aluminium slide and fold doors are impact-resistant and they’ll last for decades without any need for regular upkeep.

As a result, aluminium can support larger panes of glass, meaning you can benefit from better views of the world around you. You’ll have slim sightlines which allow you to see into the outdoors without having to open your doors. And, when you do open our aluminium bifold doors, fresh air will flow into your home with ease. Because of this, our doors are ideal for both hot summer and cold winter days. Your doors will even be recyclable!

uPVC Folding Doors

However, we could also help you install uPVC bifold doors for your home in Fleet. uPVC slide and fold doors are even more affordable than our aluminium designs, meaning you can more closely control your budget. If you have old wooden doors, uPVC is the ideal replacement. uPVC folding doors won’t warp, crack and twist out of shape like wooden doors can, as your design will be fully weatherproof.

We also source our uPVC bifold doors from market-leading suppliers Liniar. Because of this, you’ll benefit from high-quality, lead-free and fully recyclable uPVC profiles. You can even customise our uPVC bifolding doors to suit your home in Fleet! With hundreds of customisable options like hardware, accessories, colours and finishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice in what design you create for your living space.

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Bifold Doors Fleet


uPVC and aluminium bifold doors are both highly robust, meaning the designs can last for decades. Your new doors will be able to perform long into the future without regular maintenance!

Bifold Doors Prices Fleet


By choosing Abbey as your trusted local installers of bifold doors in Fleet, you can create unique doors for your home! All of our folding doors are fully customisable, with a range of colours, finishes, hardware and accessories on offer.

Bifolds Fleet

Highly Secure

At Abbey, we put the security of your home first. It's why all of the bifold doors we install in Fleet come loaded with the latest security technology and features to keep out unwanted visitors.

Bifold Door Quotes Fleet

Additional Hardware

You can also enhance your bifold doors in Fleet further with our range of additional hardware upgrades. As a result, you can make sure your new doors match your needs and suit your style perfectly.

Bifold Doors in Fleet

Flexible Fold

If you need your bifold doors to work in a particular way inside your Fleet home, Abbey can help. We can install folding doors in a range of different opening configurations, making our designs more flexible.

Bifold Door Installers Fleet


We believe everybody should be able to enjoy high-quality bifold doors in Fleet. Because of this, we offer a low-threshold option with all of our bifold doors, allowing easy access for wheelchair and pushchair users.

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Bifold Doors Prices Fleet

Our bifold doors could transform your home in Fleet! If you’re interested in seeing how much your dream designs could cost, get your free online quote by using our costing tool today.

Alternatively, you can speak to our friendly team by leaving a message on our online contact form or calling 0118 956 6866.


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